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"Old password wrong" when I change username

I had another account before, and I wanted to change my name to something else. But when I did, somehow the password changed! Even if I changed my name back to my old one, it still said "old password wrong" EVEN if I typed in the right password (I checked and double-checked over and over again, trust me). I'm even sure that if my password was something like "1234" I still would not be able to log in. Now my questions are: What happens to the new password? And why isn't the old password kept? Does it go somewhere? And how can this be fixed?

June 8, 2014



Hi LittleDuoOwl,

Don't forget to always include the operating system and browser you were using when you encountered the technical difficulty when posting to Troubleshooting. (For example, I am using Windows7/Firefox. Or, if you are on an App, say which one, like for Android or iPhone, etc.) Thanks! ^_^

Next, there should be an option for "I forgot my password" or something similar. Have you tried that yet?


OK, thanks Usagi. I was using the iOS app and changed my name there. I think there was a glitch or something that didn't let me log in even with the correct password.

I did, sorry for the late response. I clicked on the link it gave me in my email, but it didn't let me change my password.

If you're wondering why I'm replying, this is LittleDuoOwl on a different account.


Oh, Hi! It might be worth it to send in a support request to support@duolingo.com Because if the request for pw via email didn't work I'm not sure what else would help :( I'm sorry.


Where is the I forgot my password?


I posted this in the other discussion but i'll post it here too in case anyone else is looks for the answer here :)

First, go to your settings by clicking on your username in the blue bar at the top of the page. Then click "password" so you can see what emIl you have connected with this account. That is because the next step is to sign out and click the "forgot my password" link. Duolingo will send an email to the one you connected to your account. That email will give you instructions for resetting your password. :)

Good luck!


the email doesn't give instructions it's just a spam email!

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