"Samia is an amazing Arab doctor."

Translation:سامْية دُكْتورة عَرَبِيّة مُمْتازة.

June 25, 2019

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The formal MSA word for "Doctor" is طبيب - طبيبة and it should be accepted.


the word for doctor is طبیب - طبیبه and not دوکتور


I agree with the comments on the translation of Doctor, but I am still confused about why the word order of amazing and Arab is reversed in the translation (sorry -- I don't have an Arabic keyboard). I keep getting corrected when I translate adjective order literally, and the translation reverses their order.


Think of it as the last word being the thing you want to put emphasis on, like the first in English. You say an amazing American doctor because you want to emphasize that she's amazing. Why is it reversed in Arabic? The entire adjective-noun structure is reversed in Arabic. It just is that way.


Should it be arab doctor ir arabic doctor


Arab doctor. A person is always described as an Arab.


Is there any rule guiding the arrangement??

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