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There are waay too many "what sound does this make" questions

and I mean, waay too many. Four lessons past "Alphabet 4" I still get those. If at least this reading-centred questions came with some vocabulary lessons, it would be better! as someone who already knows the alphabet, this can be really frustrating (and no, the placement test isn't good enough at determining your knowledge of the alphabet, since its questions are, ironically, too vocabulary-focused). When do these questions end?

In general this is better than what most courses do at teaching an alphabet where the "alphabet" lessons are just easy vocabulary lessons (at least that's my experience with Ukrainian), but this is a bit too far on the other end. I don't mean to sound harsh, especially given that the course is in beta, but it is being mildly annoying. All things considered, I'm incredibly excited that Arabic is already here.

June 26, 2019



I agree that it is annoying, but as you said, you're someone who already knows the alphabet, just as I do. The course overall is directed at people who just began learning Arabic. And the alphabet, the phonetics, the pronunciation is WAY too complicated to be simply covered in 4 lessons. So while I agree it is annoying, I believe it is necessary.

But still, I am loving the course!


I agree with you, but it still seems like a lot of lessons are focusing mostly on the script rather than on what their titles suggest. I would have preferred for there to be more lessons just about alphabet/pronunciation instead of cramming it into other lessons. It just came out and is still in beta, though, so I'm sure it'll all get sorted out.


Even though I agree with you that it's more annoying for a native speaker, I think the choice of including so many non-existing words just to learn pronunciation is a lost opportunity. The tree is already quite small, I'm half way through it, yet there are still made up words used to teach new letters when perfectly good existing words could be used instead. The learner is going to have to muster enough stamina to finish at least half the tree without learning much useful language, and that's demotivating (I've experienced it while learning other languages that use a different alphabet).


as a person who is going into Arabic cold, I really appreciate the practice!


Yeah, practice is good, but it could have been done in a way that teaches the letters using real words, at least later on in the course. The use of non-existing words goes on way too far into the tree, when existing words could have been used instead. Remembering how words sound takes a long time when learning a completely new language unrelated to yours, so it is important to use any kind of listening practice you do to listen to actual words and real language instead of made-up ones. Although I fully acknowledge how hard it is to create a course to teach Arabic and I appreciate all the effort that the makers of the course put into this, I feel there was a lost opportunity here.


Yeah it is annoying, but I am happy we have any Arabic course at all. Personally it is nice for me since I know nothing about Arabic though. Even though I have only done two lessons haha.

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I find it really frustrating, especially since so far I seem to be alternating between lessons that are entirely those weird exercises, and then normal ones that actually teach vocabulary and how to say things. And as someone who already knew the alphabet, it's more of an exercise in trying to learn their weird transliteration system, which is kind of like Arabizi, but also like nothing I've seen before (ه=h and ح=H? Yikes!)


This is a relatively hard alphabet and I can imagine someone with no understanding of this alphabet would really appreciate all the exercise, as the letters change once they're joined together. I finished the tree and the alphabet practice goes on all the way through the end, but I'm sure there will be way more skills added in the future focusing on grammar and vocab.

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