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"Bob and Rosa"

Translation:بوب وَروزا

June 26, 2019



Is there not supposed to be a space between "and" and the word that follows? I was marked down for having an extra space.


Yes, the conjunction "و" (most commonly "and") is always connected to the following word.


Ooh cool! Thanks.


the audio for the Arabic character 'wa' is broken in this exercise, I understand that this Single Character alone is not the correct answer however shouldn't the audio be working?


Both the single character and 'interconnected" ways to write this is correct. I do understand it, however, that the words usually are written together.


In the audio, Rosa sounds like Rosen to me.


I hear that too, but I think it is just bad audio clipping, the same problem that screws up most of the recordings of " وَ" The " ا" sound is clipped off, making it sound like a glottal stop ending. Also, unless " ا" changes pronunciation depending on context, this is more like "Rooseh" than "Rosa". They are trying to find simple names English speakers would know as examples, but they don't totally match. Even more confusing is that Rosa is more a Latina name than an English one and would be more like "روـسـا" (English "S" sound, not "z" sound)


Seems like they added the tanwin (ً, final 'n' sound) at the end, but you wouldn't pronounce it that way. This is just my opinion, but it sounds like the robot voice just added it by mistake.


Yes. A mod on another thread mentioned it: it’s just the text-to-speech software stuffing it up for Rosa - because the tanwin (N sound) is often skipped in writing but still voiced. But it’s definitely not supposed to be there in this case.

Hopefully they’ll manage to fix it in the next round of audio bug fixes (audio fixes can take a while from experience so it’s nice to know it’s just a bug).


I am Arab, so this isn't really hard to understand, but it's really good for beginners.


There is no audio on this lesson for me. I have been shown some of the alphabet a couple of time and now I am supposed to guess at sentence structure? The lesson feels too early. I need a better introduction and audio when guessing at words.


The audio should really be done by a human. The machine mispronounces the words, such as the case with 'Rosa' pronounced 'Rosan'.


"روزا" pronunce rosa not rosan


Am loving how am slowly understanding it


it accepted a wrong answer


Why if i put "bob" "and" "and rosa" ,it says that the answer is correct.




Tells me there is a typo but I can't see it. Can someone clarify?


Next time this happens, copy-paste your answer (and maybe their correction) into your comment here so we can take a look.

Sometimes you just need a fresh set of eyes. Sometimes you have a correct answer that needs to be added in (reported).


Same, but in previous sentence was accepted with space between "and" and the previous/following word. Why?


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