"new fish"

Translation:سَمَك جَديد

June 26, 2019

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How am i supposed to know if i havent learnt it yet? Trial and error isnt working as i cant remember sight words


Do it, get it wrong, kearn it, get it right next time.


Hover over the words to see their translations.


Tap the words to see them, i just found out too!


The letters are too small


The letters of Arabic are too small


I typed: سَمَك جَديد

Duolingo said there's a typo but I don't see the difference between what I typed and the given answer .... can someone help me understand? Or is it just a bug?


No difference.


Just a bug......It happens to me sometimes


You weren't supposed to add the fatiha ( the lines on top of the letters) Duolingo is just showing you the sounds if you added the fatiha. You would pronounce it longer. Just don't add any short vouls.


I meant 'you would pronounce it shorter'


The fat7a is optional, you can add it or leave it and it changes nothing at all about the length of the vowel.


جَديد looks like חדש in hebrew.


I think חדש looks more like حَدِيث which means new/modern.


Let's see:

جديد (/d͡ʒa.ˈdiːd/) - חדש (/χaˈdaʃ/)


We should be exposed to the eords first before the sentences.


I didn't know where to comment this issue, so I do it here in the second level. The last segment of the first level should not belong there as it seems from a much higher level.


The exercises are shuffled. We don't know what the last segment of the first level is, as it was presented to you. Could you be more specific?

Anyway, I believe the difference between the levels has to do with the kind of exercise that you're presented with. The words and sentences themselves are the same. You're asked to translate to Arabic more on the higher levels, and asked to translate to English more on the lower ones. You're asked to translate using the word bank on Level 1, then you move on to translate by typing from memory by Level 3.


Does this also have to add - un?


I do wonder if it might have been better to have started with images and whole words. My 72 year old brain finds the alphabet hard to retain. Probably just me!


As I go through a Duo lesson, I write the more challenging Arabic letters & words in a notebook. I write the Arabic, the Duo transliteration, my own phonetic translation so I remember how to pronounce it, and the translation. It takes longer to get through a lesson but it really helps with retention. I seldom review anything I've written in the notebook, just writing it helps me remember.


For Non-Arabs :

Why couldn't it be 'سمك طازج' or 'سمكة طازجة' which means 'fresh fish' because when Duo says 'new fish' it sounds weird --> My friends : Hey JJ! Watcha got for dinner. Me : New fish <--- I mean..like really...... it would be better like this --> My friends : Hey JJ! Watcha got for dinner. Me : Fresh fish! Here want some! (Even though I hate seafood...blek..euurgh (Sorry if I spoilt your appetite)

edit : Ok...If it was going to be 'سَمَك جَديد' it should at least be 'سمكة جَديد'

For Non-English | لغير اللغة الإنجليزية

لماذا لا يمكن أن يكون "سمكة طازج" الذي يعني "السمك الطازج" لأنه عندما يقول Duo "سمكة جديدة" تبدو غريبة -> أصدقائي : مرحبًا JJ! حصلت على العشاء. أنا : سمكة جديدة <--- يعني .. مثل حقا ...... سيكون من الأفضل مثل هذا -> أصدقائي : يا JJ! حصلت على العشاء. أنا : سمكة طازجة! هنا تريد بعض! (على الرغم من أنني أكره المأكولات البحرية ... blek..euurgh (آسف إذا أفسدت شهيتك)

تعديل : حسنا ... إذا كان سيكون "سَمَك جَديد" فيجب أن يكون على الأقل "سمكة جَديدة"

The Arabic text is mixed up. Sorry Arabians or Egyptians.

النص العربي مختلط. عفوا عرب ام مصريين.


أضن أنه عربي


سمک جدید


Duolingo is an amazing application


I really struggle with these words, as haven't been taught them upfront


Could you put first one word to learn instead of 2 words? It's to hard to learn at the beginning!


This is crazy. I have never seen the wor fish in Arabic. I am just supposed to guess but then it covers up the amswes and does not pronounce the right amswer for me. Not helpful.


Thanks for correcting my answer duo!


It's easy thanks for this great app


Should put the translation of the words first


i wrote jadeed samak why is it wrong?


Sorry but where are the arabic letters ? It is always the same problem we must by ourselves the arabic letters . It is not very simple for us to lern arabic with duolingo .


Anyone know how to add harakat on samsung Android keyboard? Mine appears not having those keys.


It pressed by its self


I don't know the meaning of these words so how can i translate them ? Totally shooting arrows in the dark

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