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  5. "جاكيت"


Translation:a jacket

June 26, 2019



jaakiit (jaakiet).

[deactivated user]

    Are you implying that the two pronunciations are the same? Because there's still a subtle difference to be detected between جاكيت (jaakiit) and جاكِيَت (jaakiet), the later being a wrong pronunciation that needs to be reported and replaced with the former.


    Sounds like there is a َ above the ي or am I wrong?


    Yes, I hear jaakiet too


    Same. The way it's spelled, I was expecting to hear 'jaakeet'.

    [deactivated user]

      You're right. It's being pronounced wrongly, the right pronunciation being jaakiit. The best thing to do is report this error whenever we come across it.


      I don't think there can be, because that yaa' is acting as a vowel (ii) rather than a consonant (y) here, so it can't take a diacritic. (In my beginner's understanding, anyway.)


      in all cases, this is not an MSA word. The MSA word for jacket is معطف (me3taf) or سترة (sitrah)

      The word جاكيت is nonexistent.

      this is dialectical to only some dialects so not really Arabic.


      I know this is the "alphabet" lesson (at least until I hit the practice button) but I would much, much, much rather practise it using real words. After all I'm here to learn Arabic, not some sort of secret code I can use with my siblings.


      Is this the actual word in arabic for jacket? Or just a phonetic transcription?


      is it the right translation to "jacket" ?


      Yes, but it's a word less used.


      would be nice if the writing was a bit bigger haha i can barely see it


      the vowels sound strange, not like Arabic


      Can you make the questions with bigger letters and maybe a different collar? Its difficult to read.


      Yes, it is difficult to read!


      Jacquet ? Veste in french ?


      I made some research listening to videos and I found many pronunciations for this word. In the following video, for example, I hear the female TV presenter say at 0:20 the word "jaaket", using "J" as in bonjour and "E" as in Elephant. https://youtu.be/xUtgf7Ankec

      This TV chanel is supposed to be in Modern Standard Arabic, as far as I understand it. But for this word I think the presenter used some sort of dialect, as both sounds mentioned above aren't found in MSA. Maybe levantine arabic?


      Is this for pronounciation or is this the actual meaning?


      This is stupid. I need to know what the Arabic words for these objects are, not transliterations. If this continues, I'll have to move to Drops.


      Surely this cannot be the Arabic word for jacket. Arabic isn't English with different letters.

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