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Dear course writers, admins, mods & the duo algorithm itself

First of course; thank you for creating the Arabic course.

Second; don't mind me while i sit here & smash the buttons repeatedly when questions come up like: "Select the correct character(s) for 'word'." There will be several options with sounds & i like to reason which it would be & how the others will sound based on what is written. Quite difficult with the writing going the other way than i'm used to. But me smashing the buttons again & again, isn't because i haven't figured out the answer. I use it as practice to listen more.(and even got a mistake because i hit enter at the same time... oops!)

Thirdly; i love the 'Match the pairs' exercise! I always try to click first on the English before the target language. It makes me so happy when i can finish this one in one go from English to Arabic without a mistake. This one really helps me focus on the letters.

Going out today to buy new notebooks so i can write the alphabet & words down to help me remember them better.

I'm so happy that the Arabic tree has come. I don't expect fluency, but i hope to be able to read a bit at the end of this course.


P.S. does anyone know how to get Arabic on your keyboard? That information would be very helpful, it should be in a sticky on the forum!

June 26, 2019



Regarding the Arabic keyboard, there are a few ways to get it:

  1. Online keyboard. This one was used in an Arabic class I took: https://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/arabic.htm

  2. Look under the language settings in your computer to find the Arabic keyboard. You might need to get stickers for this or develop muscle memory if you type on your own keyboard, or you might have the option to use the digital keyboard either as your main one or a guide.

  3. You can also get a physical Arabic keyboard if your computer’s settings doesn’t allow you to choose your computer language via software (that’s rarer nowadays), but I recommend the other two options above this.


شُكرًا جَزيلًا

Not just for the online keyboard for Arabic, but that whole site is a lot larger than i thought & the Esperanto keyboard is very handy for some letters i can't get from my normal one.



For the P.S. – what operating system are you on?


If on Windows, then there should be(next to the time), at the bottom of the page, three letters that are ENG(or different depending on your main language), click on them and navigate to language preferences. From there, it will allow you to choose a new keyboard.

On Mac, I found this guide https://kb.wisc.edu/helpdesk/page.php?id=43834

Can't speak for the others, but see where Google can take you.


شُكرًا جَزيلً

I didn't understand what you meant by the letters next to the clock as i didn't have those, but then i remembered them from other computers & the constant struggle to have Dutch settings with an international keyboard.(aaargh)

Thus i went to settings & now i've got a choice of Arabic, Dutch & Mandarin! I once tried to change settings to get certain letters for Esperanto, but windows won't allow for that language & i never bothered after. Therefore when it would've been quite useful for Chinese i didn't think of it.

So, for pointing me to a whole 竹林,




As you can see i've figured it out already, but thank you for your willingness to help!



Thanks AAA, I didn't know I could access setting from the bottom tool bar! That makes it so much easier to add a language!

Now the question. There are 16 Arabic languages I can choose from! Why? What's the difference and which one should I choose for MSA? I would also like to be able to type the vowel markings. Do all the choices allow for that?


I was surprised, too, that they didn't have an MSA option, but the keyboards are the same. They all use something called the Arabic(101) keyboard. Each has all the letters and have all the diacritics as well.

This link will show you where the keys are(for any one, not just Kuwait.)


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