The Arabic was quite small & aparently you've been hard at work to make it a bit bigger to make it a bit more legible. (yay!)

But now there is something wrong with the English. An H(?)sound is turned into a 3.

I'm sure it will be better soon.

June 26, 2019


You can use numbers when translitarating Arabic to English like:

June 26, 2019

Thank you for this list.

I didn't know this. It would come very handy in the 'tips & notes'. Perhaps you could make a seperate post with these that could be upvoted or posted as a sticky on the forum?

June 27, 2019

If that's ع which you're referring to, it is a letter in it's own right and often transliterated as a 3 because it looks similar :-) It is not an 'H' sound but one that has no equivalent in English so there is no Latin letter to use when transliterating it, hence using a 3 instead. I've also seen it transliterated as : or ' as well. It can be hard for native English speakers to hear it accurately or pronounce it, it takes a lot of practice.

June 26, 2019

Yes, and as i was working within the first five skill-buttons & only just now saw the mention of the number 2 in the course at the seventh skill-button 'country 1' it confused me. Looking at some of the other posts i'm not the only one. To me it seems a bit weird to transliterate it like that, but whatever.

I would mention the possibility of encountering numbers in the 'Tips & Notes' of the first alphabet skill-button. It wouldn't even need to be a translitaration of all of them, just a sentence like; "you might see some numbers in words, like this: 2uus. Don't worry we'll explain them later."

Thank you for taking the time to answer, some lingots for you too.

June 27, 2019

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