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  5. "غُرْفة"


Translation:a room

June 26, 2019



On a medium sized laptop, the Arabic letters are hard to read. Can they be made bigger for the next version?


I agree, The arabic text is hard to read. Personally when the text is to small it becomes confusing as to which letters are in the word because the letters change based on dots that can easily be missed.


I zoom my browser to 150% to do these lessons.


That still isn't enough from me and it causes important parts of the screen to be cut off from my view.


You're quite right. What I should have said is, "I zoom to +150% or +200% to see character detail, but then have to zoom back out to see everything else." It's a limping workaround, not a fix. They ought to increase the character size.


I think its because of the font .. In arabic theres a lot of fonts.. And this one called (al naskh) or the script.


The difficulty with Arabic text this size is in distinguishing the diacritical marks, that is the marks that indicate the short vowel sounds, double consonants, etc. The size of the Duolingo text is common in Arabic text, but using diacritical marks is very rare. I guess if you can speak Arabic before learning to write there are no problems at all All of the alphabets that I have looked atare poor substitutes for the spoken word, think of thought, through, though, thou!


I go to a masjid and when they are teaching us how to read Arabic they teach us the letters with the diacritical marks which makes it easier for us to read arabic and i thing duolingo should add this for the beginning arabic learners


Is it feminine?


Is غ read as 'ra' or 'ga'? It seems to change in different words.


Its "ga" and cant be 'ra' ..like if you're gurgling :D Ra is represented by رَ

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