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  5. "زَوج جَديد"

"زَوج جَديد"

Translation:a new husband

June 26, 2019



What is the sound being added between the words? It sounds like a short "oon".


It's the nominative indefinite ending, -un, which is rarely written, but if it were, it would be written as زوجٌ

Notice how the small symbol above the ج looks like two small وو linked together. The grammar behind when we use what when talking about indefinite things is a bit too involved to explain here, so what I suggest you do is pay really close attention to what you hear while following the Arabic letters with your eyes, and you'll eventually get a feel of what to use when. It takes a long time to acquire this skill, so just be patient and listen to a lot of Arabic while following text every day. You'll get there eventually :-)

PS: We also often drop the sound when reading out loud, so don't worry too much about it.


Great explanation - thank you!


You're welcome. Have fun learning Arabic! :-)


But to be fully grammatically correct in this example there should be an -un after "new' (jadidUN) too, right?


To be fully gramatically correct, yes you're right.


When جَدِيد is used with people, doesn't it also mean young? If so, when would this mean young versus a new one? Also, when you're saying "a new husband", do you mean somebody recently got married, or they're a divorcé(e) that has remarried?


Nope, in Arabic, جديد only means "new" and not "young." It can mean both a new husband as in somebody that a divorcé(e) has gotten married to, or somebody who has just become a husband.


OMG! You've got a new hubby what happened to your old one....


It's curious, I keep seeing comments about people asking about the extra syllable "un" in the audio, but I myself never hear them.....did they change the lesson at some point, or are they showing different versions randomly?


Zawj jadhidh .. is it right ?


I wish we could choose which ones to retake over, I'm constantly quitting just so I can take certain parts over to make sure I know them


I clicked something and it popped up, but it said i was wrong

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