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  5. "عِنْد جودي جاكيت."

"عِنْد جودي جاكيت."

Translation:Judy has a jacket.

June 26, 2019



She says "3and" but it reads "3end"


I think it is technically 3ind, but I know a lot of Arabs say 3and, possibly due to influence from their dialect.


Yeah, in this word the vowel varies by variety of Arabic, plus the sound of ع has a strong effect on neighboring vowels.


Its not a mistake, that's just how eien (3) usually sounds in a word. Nice catch tho!


I am a bit lost... what is the meaning of the circle above some letters? And what is the meaning of the ا with the ء above it?


The circle above the letter is called a sukun. It means that you stop with just the consonant of the letter without a vowel (for example in this sentence it is just an "n" sound instead of "na"). The other symbol is called a Hamza on top of the letter alif. When a Hamza is on top of a letter (which it can only do with the other vowel letters) it changes the letter to the letter Hamza which sounds almost like alif. Sorry Duolingo doesn't go much into the details


أنا عربي ونحن لا نقول"جاكيت" بل نقول "معطف"


Is it a question or a report?


It is a statement. For a question, you would have to prefix the sentence with هَل.


So the possessive verb comes before the proper noun?


What are the vowels in Arabic?

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