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  5. "مُعَلِّم سَهْل"

"مُعَلِّم سَهْل"

Translation:an easy teacher

June 26, 2019



What does an easy teacher even mean?


In colloquial English, you can say "an easy teacher" for a teacher that doesn't grade harshly and whose course is easy to pass with minimal effort. I don't know if this phrasing carries over to Arabic though.


I don't think you can say this in UK English: it strikes me as very odd.


If you call a person easy in UK English, it implies they can be easily persuaded to have sex - which i dont think is what Duo is meaning here!


I've heard people use it in response to direct questions or within context, "oh, that class has an easy teacher" ... but standing alone this is definitely the first thing that popped in my head!


In Arabic, one should say "معلم متساهل" where the word "متساهل" means "Lenient". (Masculine)"متساهل" reads Motasahel (Feminine) "متساهلة" reads Motasahela last thing: when I read "Easy teacher" it sounded very funny at first.


No meaning at all, unless the teacher himself is called (سهل), then the phrase will mean (Teacher Sahl). Other than that, I cannot think of any other meaning in MSA.


This phrase is made to make teachers feel uneasy…


The sentence is correct but makes no sense. An "easy going" teacher would make sense, how would you say that in Arabic? "A teacher that makes learning easy" is also a sentence that makes sense. How would you say that in English (a pedagogical teacher?) and Arabic?


These are not sentences, AnnaEE. They're phrases. Noun phrases, to be precise.


@AnnaEE, an easy teacher who makes learning easy. Can be understood easily.

معلم سهل او معلمة سهلة


Why such ambiguous and confusing sentences when there is a choice of millions of easy sentences? Why not an honest teacher? or a hardworking teacher or a strict teacher? or a pretty teacher... I could go on ...


Would this not be translated as "The teacher is easy"?


المعلم سهل


Dave168907. No. In Russian it would, and I repeatedly made that mistake at first (still occasionally do). But in Arabic, the noun would require the article. Yes, as Sikeryali wrote. Thank you, Sikeryali.


Could be the opposite of "a strict teacher?"


No, in American English it means what MarksAaron said at the top of the page, that it is easy to get a good grade/mark in the teacher's class because he's an easy grader on examinations and papers, or assigns work that is not difficult to do. Strict usually has to do has to do with discipline.


In English, if a person is described as easy, they are willing to have relations with more people. Totally inappropriate for a teacher!


We have that meaning in American English, too. But, if someone said to me that a teacher was easy, that would not be how I would interpret it. Context always dictates how we interpret things.


Why does not it accept the word Tutor??!


اتمنى ان اتكلم الانكليزية كلغتي


اقرأ ولا افهم الا قليل


I think "a simple teacher" is a better translation


I wish you could add romanized version of words too, I get so confused sometimes. especially with adjectives which change according to gender, they are a bit difficult (╥__╥)


So, she's an easy teacher. wink. cringe. wink.


I remember learning the word مدرس for teacher when I was taught Arabic in Kuwait. I think معلم also has other meanings - what is the difference between the two kinds of teachers/words?

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