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June 26, 2019



The Arabic letters are small for me. I couldn't see them very well on computer.


Same. Plus, doesn't that say Beru and not Peru?


The P sound doesn't exist in Arabic, however, whether someone pronounces it as Beru or Peru largely depends on the dialect and/or how often that person uses foreign languages in real-life. I suggest you pronounce it as Peru, because some people might not immediately understand Beru, but everyone will understand Peru.


I'm sorry to bother you with a non-related question but I was wondering, about writing, how many things we should focus on. Like, do the height or length of the letters matter very much, and silly stuff like that. I'm kinda worried that maybe I'm not copying everything in my notebook as right as I should...I mean, it's such a beautiful alphabet, I want to do it justice! : )


When I started learning Persian - a script very close to Arabic - I painstakingly wrote like what was typed. Persians thought it was beautiful, but kept telling me to learn to write like people do everyday. I would suggest looking up regular hand written documents, and copying people's penmanship more than copying a printed book or PDF.


Copy as best as you can and build your own style.


As far as I know, there is no p-sound in Arabic. A lot of people are able to pronounce it (because they know English for example), but it does not exist in Arabic. :)


You're right. The P sound doesn't exist in Arabic. Whether someone pronounces it as Beru or Peru largely depends on the dialect and/or how often that person uses foreign languages in real-life.


That's why I find both "Kebab" and "Kebap" on signs, then :)


No, “kebap” is Turkish :-) Turkey has a long history in the Middle-East and a lot of its influences remain to this day.


There's no "p" sound in Arabic, but some of us pronounce it when needed, for example if I saw the word "بول" I'll understand from context that it's probably referring to the given name "Paul", and pronounce it with a "p" sound. Sometimes I joke with my friends and pronounce Pepsi "Bebsi"


'Paul' is actually بول in Arabic. But yes, most Arab speakers would understand and pronounce the p.


I just gooled بول and found that it means Urine or Red"Bull" I think it's an everlasting joke for those who are named after Paul and learn Arabic....


hmmm, that is one important word to pronounce correctly with a p...


The letters p and g don't exist in arabic


and v. However you can use ب (b) as a substitute for p, غ (gh) or ج (j) as a substitute for g, and ف (f) as a substitue for v. Some dialects have extra letters to represent these sounds but these letters will work just as well if writing English words in Arabic.


Thanks for the help here that Arabic doesn't have an exact equivalent for p. It's interesting that the letter bā is used and not fā. (In some other Semitic languages the letter pe can be either hard / plosive or soft / fricative with the former pronounced p and the soft pronounced ph / f. Arabic letter fā looks somewhat like Syriac and Hebrew pe. It's not surprising that a labial letter is used.) Thanks, momobrika, for the explanation about the various exchanges.


'g' is a tricky one.. because it also has different pronunciations in English (guilt vs giraffe)

the g in giraffe exists in Arabic ج

the g in guilt also exists in Arabic (not much know this) but it is one of two MSA-accepted pronunciations of ق (in Arabic it is called a 'Yemeni qaaf'). It is not very common in teaching Arabic as a second language, but it is correct, an inheritance of classical Arabic.


P, v and o don't exist in Arabic


Yup..same prob...its definitely beru....


That's what I thought


CTRL + plus is my friend :)


Ooh, thanks for that: you've just doubled my IT skill-set!

Now it's my friend, and so are you... :)


It's the same on mobile, have to really squint!


If you are on a PC you can use CTRL + '+' to zoom in on the page. (CTRL + '-' for zoom out and CTRL + '0' to cancel zoom)

I'm not a Mac user but IIRC instead of CTRL you use COMMAND key


I believe there is a Chrome extension that enlarges Arabic characters. Give that a try?


Same, what is the second letter?


Why is it pronounced "e" and not "ii" tho


I know this might sound stupid but is there a way to enlarge the font? I'm having enough trouble with that Arabic script as it is since this is something completely new for me. It might help if it was a little larger.


CTRL + plus is my friend :)


Doesn't work on Android though, so DL should address this problem.


I enabled magnification gestures on my phone so I just need to triple tap to see the Arabic better


I understand that all this confusion with the pronunciation stems from the fact that the course creators have chosen to teach us Arabic through foreign words instead of actual arabic ones... It started with the american names of people and now continues with names of countries completely unrelated to the arabic-speaking world. All this before we even learn ONE real arabic word (no, و doesn't count). Wrong approach imho. Why not learn the arabic names for Morocco, Lebanon, Egypt instead?


a very good point. It started with pronunciation letter combos then moved on to non-Arabic origin proper nouns, which is truly confusing.


I know the letter "p" doesn't exist in arabic alphabet but why it is "بيرو" instead of "بارو"


Because it’s Peru, not Paru. بيرو is closer to the Spanish pronunciation Perú


Although it should be "Biiru" actually, shouldn't it?


If you read it literally, yes, but most people I’ve met would find that pronunciation funny. With foreign words, we tend to imitate the original pronunciation, at least in Lebanon.


Interestingly, the origin of the name is actually "Birú" so the Arabic has coincidentally returned it to a truer form.


Very interesting indeed! So Arabic has actually preserved its original name. Thanks for sharing :-)


That's also how I read it. I'm a little confused.


Letters are too small!!!


Why there is ي after the ب I read it as "piru" or "biru" because of that ي and why not برو


Because it’s based on the original Spanish name Perú (or possible the French one “Pérou”, which is close in pronunciation), not the English one.


Ok, I understand that "p" sound does not exists in arabic so, what is the point choosing examples for the arabic "ba" letter that containg precisely sound non existing in arabic? Wouldn't it be more interesting and learning helpful avoiding this confusion?


here it's written like biiruu....yet the are pronouncing it like peru... how?? in arabic there is no 'P' sound


پ is a special modifying letter for p

Same for ڤ You get v instead of f. Useful for Pepsi and Vodafone in Egypt which are both big branda. Otherwise they'd be Bebsi and Fodafone.


Isn't this an "ي", not an ا or whatever the eh sound is if there is one? Guessing there's not one so it's "approximated" as "ي"


I am not sure whether the course has now switched to actual words or pronunciation-letter-combos


Is there any letter in arabic that makes the 'e' sound? Because what I see here is the letter ي, and as I understand from this course it's for the 'ee' sound.


not a letter but a diacritic: a short line below the consonant: Here is 'Sergio': سِرجيو


Given the pronunciation, I guess from an Arabic point of view both بارو and برو could make sense. But since it's a foreign word in Arabic, and more specifically a name (like the name Rosa before), the original spelling with the letter 'e' is most closely approximated with ي


It is Beru not Peru right?!


I am having a hard time with those words… they did not teach the ''e'' letter, yet I have to guess it is a ''e'', a few exercise back it was a ''y'' for the ''e''. This is confusing and lack of explanation.


isn't the second character indicating an I? biiru?


Ba ii ra uu or ba y ra uu?


Its not at all spelling right word


I. Want. Sentas


I would like to see some hints and actual lessons that breakdown the material


I was looking for beru but there is no beru... There is peru instead of beru... P letter doesn't made any sense


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I don't understand it


I can't understand. it is "beru" or "peru"? its translation says that its peru but its written as beru

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