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June 26, 2019



Loving the new beta!

Little bit of early feedback: on the Android app at least, the Arabic characters show up very small on screen. Would love to be able to see them more clearly if that's possible :)


I agree wholly! This is great but the Arabic font is tiny.


Yes you are right


Yes, they could be made slightly bigger. I for one have been waiting for this course. So excited :)


Yellow text on white adds to the problem.


How do you get the Arabic course via the Android app? I added the course to my language list in the browser which works fine, but I cannot add it in the Android app (I assumed that this was due to the beta status)?


No, i have the arabic language in my Duolingo app on my android? Its 1.5gb ram (pretty old) but it still works... maybe you should try the help center or you could delete the app and download it again... Hope it works❤


Heve you updated the app?


Hello! The same thing happened to me. You can do two things... 1. Update the Duo app. 2. Look very carefully in the list. For me the Arabic language course was in a different spot than the browser. It also hides very well seeing as it is green and white, which matches the Duo color scheme.


Im so glad to finally be able to learn this! Thanks Arabic team!


the characters are pretty small. Could they be enlarged?


Why is the "alif" in Rawad's name pronounced "e/eh" instead of "aa/ah"?


I also had this question based on the pronunciation it teaches. It sounds like Rawhed instead of Rawhaad assuming that is how it's supposed to be said when transliterated. But I also thought the stress in this name was different than how it's pronounced?


Does this word mean anything?


I think it's a name


Is it rawad or rawaad?


Rawaad (the second letter is not a vowel)

The pronunciation is not entirely accurate though: It says Rawwaad (it stresses the second letter) The second letter can only be stressed with a shadda or an emphatic diactric above it, which in this case, is absent in this word.

This changes meaning as well.


رواد = rawaad وا =waa و= wa


Isn't the first character a "za?" I've noticed they've used "ra" and "za" characters interchangeably, and I feel like that's not right. Can a more experienced Arabic speaker clarify?


r = ر

z = ز

It's a little confusing in this case because the "ر" in this word has a fatḥah (that little stroke) above it, which looks similar to the dot on top of the "ز", but it's not the same thing. The fatḥah is just there to indicate that the consonant should be followed by an "a" vowel sound – it doesn't affect the consonant sound.

So essentially...

r = ر

ra = رَ

z = ز

za = زَ

Hope that helps :)


Yessss arabic finally here! Ive been waiting for months


Thanks Arabic team! the characters are pretty small. Could they be enlarged?


The arabic text is too small to read in this lesson (on a laptop screen). Thanks for the course, I've been hoping that duolingo would add arabic!


Thank you arabic developor team for this great course!


This is well pronounced here. I love it..!


Similar pronunciation issue with previous "Rosa" word. The pronouncer is adding the " ّ " diacritic over the letter "و". Fix it Arabic Dev team!! This should be pronounced exactly how it's written in English: "Rawad" without the emphasis on the "w" aka "و"


Can I use the fathah in 2 letters on the sane word? Because I think this translation should be Rawaad. To be Rawad, it should have a fathah over the '9' correct?


yes, you can,

and if you say رَوَد it will be read as 'rawad'

since it is written رَواد it is read as 'rawaad'

But: this is a name (a proper noun of sorts) so it is a bit more confusing.

The correct way to write Rawwaad (the actual pronunciation you hear in the audio file) is رَوّاد (with a diacritic over the و called a 'shadda' that emphasizes the consonant under it - kinda doubles it)


FiX, why is it being pronounced Rawwed, though?

Update: I do hear the two "w"s. It's the 2nd alif I was asking about. It sounds like the "e" in "bed" rather than the "a" in "father".


hmmm, I'm hearing Rawwaad. (the script says Rawaad)


Third character is aa, so why is Rawaad marked as having a typo?


The first Arabic name that I see.


Great but arabic font is tiny


honestly I hope they can make it somehow bigger to see


The fonts are soo small


Isn't the second letter, 'و' supposed to sound 'uu'? Shouldn't the word be pronounced, 'Rauuad'?


It is the letter waaw which has a w sound and also doubles as the vowel uu. When و is proceded or followed by a long or short vowel, it is pronounced "w" as in "well".


Ah, that's clearer, thanks. Have a lingot.

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