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Arabic Beta: Any way to get the Arabic text larger? It's a little too small to make out the letters

As a beginner, it's sometimes too hard to make out the Arabic script. Would be useful to make the text larger.

June 26, 2019



Yeah even with 'zoom' it is difficult to make out. It'd be nice if letters were larger, this is beta... so hopefully they factor this in ^)^


I agree. It's just too small on both PC and phone.


This is a recurrent problem with many courses. While learning it is critical to be able to read unfamiliar characters easily and accents of course but they seem to assume everyone has perfect vision:(

The accents are just blurs in the sentences. Even the characters don't resolve well. It is a great shame.


I've had the same problem. The script is tiny. I tried using my laptop instead (rather than my ipad) but it is still just as small.


Yep, very small and pale on the laptop. I didn't have this problem with Japanese hiragana.


Same with me. I thought it was my phone, and was eager to switch to my laptop, but alas ...


yeah, I've got my zoom on 175% but still sometimes I can't read it without squinting. Most of the primary letters are easy to make out, but the vowel diacritics are tricky, especially the one for the short 'u' sound looks a lot like the short 'a' sound to me. Could be I forgot my glasses at home today though...


it's the only Duolingo course I have to come closer to my TV screen.... as my PC is connected to it and I wear contact lenses!




I agree too. Using ctrl+ is not that practical so I hope we build up a critical number to convince the operators.


I have the same problem; I can distinguish the letters in the sentence discussion, but in the field in which I work, they are too small.

I also find the contrast insufficient. The comparison with the surrounding in discussions makes this very clear.

Better contrast and larger letters -- this would be my dream. :-)


I'm definitely struggling with this a bit, as well. I do hope they'll consider making it larger.


Agree! I can't use the phone for that reason @@


Yes, please fix!


I'll add my voice to this as well - larger font and more contrast - in hopes that the team takes beta users' input.


Just expressing my opinion as well in the hopes that if there are enough posts agreeing the Duolingo people will take notice... I find I have to sit very close to the laptop screen in order to make out the diacritics, would love for the font size to be increased a little!


The Arabic text it quite small. I am having a little difficulty myself so I have just zoomed in and it has helped me.


Sorry that I voted you down, certainly your suggestion is helpful in the short run, but I want to keep the pressure up, so that duolingo tries to solve the problem once and for all.


i agree lotta8561 follow me plz


Agree! I make the page larger - 150% - all the time to see them, thanks for bringing it up!


I had to stop Hindi for that exact reason, and I guess once I progress beyond the first couple of skills, Arabic too won't work for me anymore. Sigh. I have to use my regular glasses, some store-bought reading glasses on top of them, PLUS a magnifying glass, and it's still a challenge. Oh, and the lack of contrast doesn't help.

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Wow, yes. I came here just to find a place to discuss this. I have perfect close-up vision, but I am squinting at the laptop screen with it only inches from my nose. :( I can't do more than 1-2 lessons at a time because it gives me such a head and eye ache. :(


This is a fatal weakness of the module. On a phone it's simply unusable. Especially new words, yellow on white -- who thought that a good idea?


Or just give an option to make the text larger. I think it's good to learn to read the small print eventually, but as a beginner, I def think we need to be able to make the text larger if we want to


It's not so much the size of the letters as it is the typeface they're using isn't clear or bold enough.


I developed a browser extension that fixes this and gives you options to customize size and font, among other things. It is called Wudooh and is on Chrome and Firefox (this wouldn't work on the app unfortunately, just browsers).

Now for some reason the font changes aren't happening on Duolingo (it works everywhere else) but the size changes are happening so at least that will make things much more pleasant and clearer for you.

It is absolutely free and open source so please use it and help your eyes.

Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wudooh/nigfaloeeeakmmgndbdcijjegolpjfhn

Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/wudooh/

GitHub repo: https://github.com/basshelal/Wudooh

Let me know if 200% increase is enough or if I should increase the limit to 300% since the default size on here is insultingly small meaning 200% isn't as big as it should be.

Many thanks and peace to you all :)


I’ve noticed this everywhere the text is so small on the internet.


You can use [CTRL] [+] to increase the font display size, and [CTRL] [-] to decrease it. To return to default size, [CTRL] [0].

This is for non-Crapple computers, of course. And in Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc. (I think, lol).


Doesn't work on mobile


This is a common problem with written Arabic on the internet in general, not just on Duolingo. There is a super handy chrome extension called "Huruf" which makes the Arabic script larger so it is easier to read.

However, unfortunately, this extension doesn't seem to be compatible with Duolingo's formatting, because (for me at least) it works everywhere else on the internet, just not on Duolingo. :')


Huruf works for me in lessons, but while looking at the lesson tips I always need to reload the page once.


Hi, Wudooh, my extension that is the successor of Huruf should fix this issue, but unfortunately as @bebuzar said, the font will not change because Duolingo is overriding Wudooh's changes. Wudooh offers a size limit up to 200% as well among many other fixes and features over Huruf.

It is absolutely free and open source so please use it and help your eyes.

Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wudooh/nigfaloeeeakmmgndbdcijjegolpjfhn

Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/wudooh/

Let me know if 200% increase is enough or if I should increase the limit to 300% since the default size on here is insultingly small meaning 200% isn't as big as it should be.

Many thanks and peace you :)


Does it work also with mobile phone?


I just want to express my agreement about this.


Agreed, appreciate that the course has now been released in Beta, but the Arabic text is far too small. I've seen this same issue with other Arabic courses as well, and it's a major shortcoming, especially for beginners struggling to discern the differences in unfamiliar letters. Hope DuoLingo can make this simple but important fix.


I wrote about it here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/32857413

An extension name Wudooh that seems to build on the (older/unmaintained?) Huruf.



Or duolingo can just fix it, that's what I'd prefer.


i agree you lotta8561


I use an app named Big Font for Android. It can enlarge the fonts enough. But you have to reset the device after. It really helps


You are speaking for all of us...please respond Duo as I love the language opportunity but hating the squinting...T


It is somehow comforting to see that a lot of us are struggling with the too small arabic text. I initially thought it was only due to my age :-) Please, make the text larger if possible


Agreed, the font is way too small, especially to the try and make out the diacritics, and the contrast issues are ridiculous - yellow text on white?? Please change the "new word" colour to something darker.

I have excellent vision so if I'm struggling, imagine how everyone with less-than-perfect vision is faring.


I use "Ctrl" + "+" in pc, the arabic words are small on internet my friend


In my opinion the course is unusable unless the font problem is fixed.


Agreed. Larger text please.


I agree, definitely too small on the app.

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