"Carrie and Rosa"

Translation:كَري وَروزا

June 26, 2019

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I am a bit confused. Why is there one button for وَروزا (and Rose) in the sentence rather than separate button for وَ (and) in the sentence. كَري (Carry) وَ (and) روزا (Rosa)?!?


Some Arab countries don't put a space between the word and وَ (which means "and"), and some Arabic countries do (like Lebanon, my country). For some reason, the course makers have chosen to use the standard that doesn't use a space, even though having a space would be a lot more pedagogically beneficial, as well as technically easier to show the definition of each word separately. I'm not sure if the course markers are aware of the existence of both standards, in any case, I think it would be better if they add a space for all occurrences of وَ in the future.


yeah it doesnt make sense for duolingo to not have وَ as its own option when in other languages 'nt and 's are separate options in the word bank


I've found that usually the conjunction is attached to a word in these DL exercises, but at least once it was separate. In most Semitic languages that I have studied (Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac), the conjunction is connected to the next word. It's interesting to learn from SamirShaker that some countries separate. Thanks for asking the question and to SamirShaker for helping us.


In Arabic, there is a rule stating that "conjunctions and prepositions consisting of only one letters are always attached to the following word". In the case of وَ = and, it is not necessarily visible in both handwritten and printed texts, but it is always the case with other prepositions like بِـ ≃ with, so I guess DuoLingo tried to teach the most 'proper' way of writing Arabic.


There IS a separate button for 'and'! I always click it so I get 'and androsa' and they mark it as correct


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I'm not sure if the audio for "Rosa" is correct. Sounds more like "Roosen"


You're right. The audio is incorrect. There should be no N sound at the end. It's "ruuza" or "rooza" depending on how you want to represent the sound و

The reason for this is that the text-to-speech engine is interpreting ا as اً because ً is commonly dropped. It can't tell that this is a person's name. So just know that there is no N sound at the end in this case :-)


Was it explained somewhere that wa is and? I knew this from previous knowledge.


You're just expected to pick it up since وَ and "and" both appear at the same time.


Yes it was explained, but only once - as far as I can remember. You had to tap the underlined word to see the translation.


Yes, I just have a question. How is it pronounced?


There is a glitch in every level ive found so far - the "wa" sound in arabic is cut short to sound like "w-”. The "a" is cut off. I know this because I can hear it say "wa ruuza" for "and rosa" but when i click individual "and", its sound is cut to "w-"


You can always just pronounce it as "wa" , Ps: it is a thick sound, You can ask me about anything, i am an arab


Wow I'm not the only one! I won't be able to help you there much but I checked Duolingo forums online regarding this and apparently the waa audio is totally wrong lol


و audio is too short?


Yes. It's a glitch in the recording. Update: The recording is now correct.


They keep doing this, it's 'waruza' instead of 'ruza' so then the sentence is 'wa waruza' and they mark it as correct! I have reported it with other examples, let's see if they fix it...


I'm sure they will. It just takes time. How long? I don't have a clue. It's been reported more than once, though. Update: The recording has been corrected.


Why is it saying Im spelling "Carie" wrong with the correction being "Carrie" but there's no shadah over the ra?


Is there any way to make the script larger and change it from that yellow orange. It's almost i.possible to read on my phone.


But the text literally says "Ruza"? With a z and not s?


That’s because the sound of “s” in “Rosa” is pronounced like “z” ز in English


Can someone please explain 'Carrie' and how its written in arabic.. i dont understand the letters


I can't type arabic, though I've selected العربية in my Android's language settings... so I am writing in Google Translate and pasting here, how can I write directly in arabic? Sorry, maybe it's already explained in another forum.


how can i type 'wa'? can't seem to find the letter making the 'a' sound


Hi can any one tell me what are the things i must know before leraning arabic like i mean rules which letters must be pressed and more.please


Are you using a laptop computer? If yes, do you know the name of the keyboard? QWERTY is a keyboard design for Latin-script alphabets. The name comes from the order of the first six keys on the top left letter row of the keyboard ( Q W E R T Y ).


Im not able to type "ya"( ی) with 2 dots below it


hello, if you're using an american keyboard (called QWERTY because of the row on the keyboard where those letters appear in a row), it's the "d" on the keyboard where you will find the ي

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