June 26, 2019

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Is it possible to make arabic writing in the lessons bigger without increasing the zoom in the browser itself? The letters are small and difficult to comprehend in details (I never studied arabic alphabet before, these are my first lessons ever).


I'm an arabian , i want to help you, but i don't now how, if you want something please tell me


Our vowels are singns under and above the letters so it's writen ك and when you add َ it becomes كَ and you pronounce it ka or ca


Ευχαριστώ! Shukran! (No idea how to write it... yet.)


شكرا = shukran


Thanks it helped alot


Yes please But ........what is the spelling of duud please let me know when you get free OK byeee


karii, kari, karie, karrie should also be accepted.


You should listen carfully , she pronounced 2 R so karrie my be exepted. In arabic language there is no diffrence between ka and ca = كَ


If it was two R sounds then there would be a shadda above it, though it migjt still sounf like theres two Rs.


You should report the question and give them this suggestion. But yeah you're completely right.


No, they should not be,


They shouldn't be because...? Karii and Kari might be a bit too much, but I've definitely seen Karie and Karrie in the wild before.


It's probably not the best choice of names. It's not as common in all English speaking countries perhaps but more importantly it has more spelling variety than more traditional names, which is fine in life but complicates the course a bit much in these early stages and distracts from learning Arabic.


It is a name that can be spelled with the letters we have been taught so far.


Nothing wrong with a Kari, I know one (Welsh) so it is an acceptable spelling.


The characters indicate k-a-r-ii.


I do not think so because it is a name

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It is a name which can be spelled many different ways in English but I think we might just have to accept that for this course they have decided to spell it as "Carrie" and remember that (even though, as I mentioned previously, the audio on my laptop sounds like Keren).


The Arabic letters are TINY! Please, make them larger.


If this is intended to be of any help to complete beginners, the alphabet portion needs to be much more comprehensive. I believe it would be helpful to give the letters and their sounds in order, so that a new learner can see the relationship, based on both shape an sound, that they have to each other. Also, the position of the diacritical markings needs to be addressed, what makes a letter an “ah” or an “ee”, etc. This is so important in the beginning. And yes, I am seeing tiny yellow letters also. There is a HUGE amount of empty white space on the pages, so surely the Arabic print could larger without much effort.


Totally agree with this.


Please make bigger letters. As it is, it's too small for a novice to understand when learning Arabic for the first time :)


Yes, please make the Arabic letters bigger.


Until they accommodate us, I've started using "ctrl +" on my computer to increase the font size and "ctrl 0" to return the font to normal size. It helps a lot.


There's a small mismatch between the pronunciation and the way the word is written. What the pronouncer is really saying is "كَرّي" with the emphasis diacritic " ّ " over the "r" aka "ر"


Yes, I clearly noticed that.

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Typical Arab names - Rosa, Bob, Kerry, Judy..


This group of exercises are not helping me much. The Arabic text is too small for me to read and it's yellow on white. I hear the sound clearly and of course can pick the answer easily but I'm struggling with this format.


Nigel, in the exercises I have there are black letters on a white background, and at the top of this page, the answer is blue on white, because it opens to another page when you click on it. I don't ever remember seeing yellow on white. ??? I do my lessons on a PC. I wonder why yours would be yellow on white.


The arabic characters where you can hover for hints are yellow and very small.


Why Carrie has double r and in arabic only 1?


Why there is no tassydid? How can we know is it carrie or karii?


It's a girl's name. Most English names don't have meaning in our modern language. Our names, for the most part, are of foreign and ancient origin and mean nothing in English. If we want to know their original meanings, we have to look them up in name books.


I feel like this is a completely pointless question. You're spelling out a name in English that is said out loud, no Arabic is involved whatsoever


They are teaching the alphabet by using words that English speakers are familiar with. The object is to hear and see the names of a person, town, or country that sound similar when pronounced in both English or Arabic then to write that name in the other language in order to learn which letters represent which sounds.


Can i know the meanings too


It's a girl's name. Very few of our names have meaning in modern English, and most of our names came from a foreign language, so to learn their meaning, we have to look the names up in a book or on a computer.


Carrie what is the meaning


It is a girl's name.


What is that first letter? Its either a koff or a kaaf but it doesnt look like either


The first letter is "kaaf" with a "fatHa" over it. It does look very different when it is not connected to any other letters.


first an foremost -kudos to the Arabic course contributors !!! As it sounds to me like ( phonetic ) kar-ee with an emphasis on the ka syllable can someone native to english correct me if i'm wrong but should it sound like "carry" ?


The name "Carrie" and the verb "carry" sound the same in English. The emphasis is on the first syllable for these words. The Arabic speaker is putting the emphasis on the first syllable also, but is pronouncing two "r"s and trilling, or rolling, the last "r", neither which we do in English. To us, it just sounds like Carrie being said with an accent that is not ours.


Font is a bit small..

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    i know we havent learned the double letter yet, but would it be more correct to write كَرّي with the ّ above the r?


    would Karrie also be accepted?


    No, this person's name happens to be spelled Carrie.

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