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Fare un giro...

My understanding of “fare un giro” is to go for a walk, to go around, to do a tour.

Also, eg “fare un giro al centro commerciale” it means to walk around the shopping center.

How about “andare in giro”? Are they the same?

June 26, 2019



Andare in giro = To wander, to walk without a fixed destination.
Fare un giro = To go for a walk (or a ride) / to go on a tour.

They are not the same (albeit they are similar), but in some contexts you may use either of the two:

  • Siamo andati in giro in centro. = We went walking in the city centre / downtown.

  • Siamo andati a fare un giro in centro. = We went for a walk in the city centre/ downtown.


"Andare in giro" o "Andare a giro" = Uscire(di casa), andare a spasso, senza avere una meta precisa.

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