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Confused to teach which dialect so they decided to teach rubbish robotic accent

I am an Arabic speaker myself, and i am very upset about how is the Arabic course despite being in peta but it is so obnoxious to hear non-existant words with non-existant accent that totally ruin it. Besides, the course is really short and shallow... Hope you guys fix it and congrats on taking the first step

June 26, 2019



There are so many posts about the choice between MSA or a dialect already. I don't get why you're upset, it's aimed at learners and Duolingo is heavily focused on reading/writing instead of speaking. It would've been a weird decision to make a course like Levantine Arabic before having an MSA course.


Most of the Duolingo courses have text-to-speech voices, unfortunately. Esperanto and Ukrainian are two exceptions that I know of; there may be more.

Yes, I'm pretty sure they'll provide a more in-depth tree later. For now I'm glad that this exists at all :)


It's free, in beta and probably isn't that lengthy because you learn the basics of MSA....


I agree, like with other recent releases on Duo, this seems very superficial and rushed. Hopefully it will at least give beginners a foundation to work with and someday bridge with the spoken registers. Also, people need to stop propagating the myth that graduating beta has anything to do with a full course being developed. I'm glad they're doing something, though.

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