"Baku and Riga"

Translation:باكو وَريجا

June 26, 2019

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During the whole course so far, all examples having two names like "Korea and Cuba" have always the second name with the equivalent to "and" already written so just looking for the "wa" sound just gives the answer for the second one It would be more helpful (from a learning point of view) leaving the arabic "and" isolated so one has to look for BOTH words.


me: starts Arabic duolingo course

duolingo course: actually teaches Arabic sentences

[surprised pikachu face]


It says "riajan". When do we use -un endings and when -an endings?


that's a mistake. cuz it's just a city name there should be just Riga

not Riajan. un is used in nominative case and indefinite names both.

an is used after verbs (without prepositions) and in case you wanna make an adverb


That is really helpful, thank you!


Thank you! I thought i was hearing things...lol


Thanks for the information


I think Duo needs to rethink these exercises. The second city combo always starts with "and". It gives away the answer.


It is Riga not Riajan, this kind of mistake is all over the course.


I mean that looking for وَ is enough to choose the second name even if one doesn't know what is written after the وَ


English is not my native language, so i am a little puzzled by "Riga". From what i see, it's written as "reeja" in arabic. Is the G in Riga not hard in arabic? is it in English?


There is no hard g sound in Arabic. This city is the capital of Latvia and actually does have the hard g sound. According to other posts I've seen, foreign words are sometimes pronounced with the hard g sound, if the speaker is aware and able to do so. (You will see this with the word England and English later.)


Strange that the hard G is pronounceable for "English" but not for "Riga". Is that how Arabs pronounce those two words?


thanks for the info, mate. Was wondering the same thing.


The pronunciation has numerous mistakes in several words throughout this whole course


im confused whats the pronunciation, is it Riga or Rija ?? some places its Rija and some its Riga



As far as I know, there are two pronunciation for Riga in Arabic, رِيْغا (riighaa) and رِيْجا (riijaa).

If رِيْجا is Dialect (e.g., Egyptian Arabic), I would not be surprised! :)


"As far as I concern, there are two pronunciation..." => "As far as I am concerned, there are two pronunciations..." But do you mean "as far as I am concerned" or do you mean "as far as I know" or "I believe" or simply "I think". "When "as far as I'm concerned" is followed by a declarative sentence, it implies that you think others may not agree with you. There's something slightly defensive/aggressive about it. But if it's followed by a sentence expressing permission (eg: as far as I'm concerned, all the children can come in and play), it simply means that that is how you feel about the matter. See https://www.translateen.com/sentence/as-far-as-im-concerned-in-sentence-examples/


KatieC, it should be "as far as I know" -- thank you so much for the correction and link ?!! !! A lingot for you :)

I've corrected the statement.


My pleasure. But I don't understand why there's a question mark with the two exclamation marks? And even though the preceding sentence is, in form, a statement, it is quite common nowadays to end a declarative sentence with a question mark when a question is implied. Just covering my back.


Oh I just follow some Polish, he often writes "?!!" I don't know why he does that. But, I guess it's for corroborating the statement.


KatieC, my apology! It's my mistake. The Polish person writes like this "!?" (and not "?!!"). So, is the "!?" sign okay?


I see, KatieC! Thanks for the explanation :))


This is a foreign word, since it's the capital of Latvia. Foreign words often keep their "g" sound


Ok, i made a typo and i cannot for the life of me figure out what is the difference between Duolingo's version and mine. And those tiny letters...


Perasaan yg kaya gini mulu ya gak kaya yg contoh wa , ya trus apalagi dh pokoknya


Confusing pronunciation of Riga!



The correct pronunciation for Riga in Arabic (if we use the ريجا spelling style) is riijaa (or just say rija).


How are we supposed to know how to write these things while there are no exercices to properly learn alphabet and how to write it? I mean, they just put words randomly and you have to figure out which letter it is without explanations


The Arabic for Riga is not there in the Words provided as options in Arabic. Can you please fix it? Thanks


I just can't types I arabic


Why Jeem is used in Riga and not Gayn ?

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