"a new garage"

Translation:كَراج جَديد

June 26, 2019

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It would really help if the correction was larger and explained to you


And if it let you hear the correct answer. If you can I have not figured it out.


Agree with you


I wish we could have the audio option when we get the wrong answer, so that we can both read and hear the correct answer :)


Lawrence, I'm curious because other people have commented on not having sound. I do my lessons on a computer and at the top left of the discussion pages there is a blue speaker icon that I can click on to hear the correct answer. Do you do your lessons on a smartphone and not have the same set-up?


Hi I'm on Android, and as lot of questions have the speaker, but some don't. And once you've clicked wrong answer, and the right answer pops up at the bottom, there's no way of hearing that one


Even on my computer, there is no option to hear the correct answer after you have made an error. There is no blue speaker icon when you are being asked to translate from English to Arabic.


What's the pronounciation of the adjective?


The word جَديد (new) is jadiid, /d͡ʒa.diːd/. It's sort of like how "jah-deed" would be pronounced in English.

And كَراج (garage) is karaaj, like the American pronunciation of "garage" but with a k.


jadiid, if I am not mistaken


why should I know that the noun is before the adjectif?


Am I the only one that doesn't understand how I'm supposed to know what some of the words mean? In this lesson group I'm getting words I have to guess at.


If you put your cursor over the words, you'll see their meaning.


No. But I realised that I had to learn the "alphabet" first and there you learn new words. So I am studying the alphabet first and then take lesson for lesson if I notice words I don't know.


Is the adj. for "new" sometimes spelled joined (the dal and the yā joined) but sometimes the dal and the yā are not joined? I ask because in A. S. Tritton's Arabic (Teach Yourself Books, p. 31) the dal in jadiid is not joined with the yā.


Trust your text book. Daal does not connect to any letters that follow it.


Shouldn't it be "جَديد كَراج " instead of "كَراج جَديد" ? Since we write from right to left it sound more logical to me to say new garage instead of garage new? Or am I the one who is mistaken?


The "Tips" before the lessons, which are not available on all apps, discuss grammar. In English, adjectives (new) come before the nouns they modify (garage), but in Arabic, adjectives come after the nouns.


Why is it backwards


It put the wrong answer when i clicked the correct one who has the same problem


I wish that the characters were much larger. I was unable to see them clearly on my phone and have now switched to my computer, but even with all that space, the format still has them really small. Please make them larger. Thanks.


Its difficult to know the meaning of the word when only arabic script is shown when we hover the cursor over the english word...audio shd be there


I chose the exact characters shown on the red correction screen! Why marked wrong??


Did you put the adjective before the noun? Like new garage? If so then thats why it is wrong, in arabic the adjectives go after the nouns


Shows answer is correct but in red color and i stuk in this level i tried many time but not working please check


I cant here propaly and it don't say the words properly and also when i clicked the correct answer it put the wrong answer who has the same promlemo

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