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Arabic Course Release

Hi everyone! I am just as excited as you are to have Arabic available on Duolingo!! I have always loved Duolingo, but with the complexity that comes with Arabic verb forms and tenses, this release was disheartening because I wanted to improve upon my understanding of Arabic grammar and vocabulary. To be fair, the course does include vocabulary but compared to many of the other courses on Duolingo, this tree is sparse. To anyone who's a beginner Arabic student, this is a great introductory course, but for more intermediate to advanced students, it's an unpleasant feeling to know that realistically, you won't fully reach that intermediate to advanced level. I'm not sure if they'll add any more to the course, but I hope I'm not the only one on here who feels a little let down.

June 26, 2019



It seems that with many of the new trees, they are initially released with few lessons, and then revamped later. It's a way of getting the content publicly available sooner rather than later, and I think that's a good idea.

Other courses which have followed this model include (to my knowledge) Japanese, Hawaiian, Navajo. At least the Japanese course has a 2.0 tree which is in A/B testing atm; I expect the others are being worked on but I don't really know.


It's in Beta so let's hope it's a partial release ^_^


This is my firsht beta test so maybe I'm wrong, but I'm hoping it will improve upon data, apprently there's also some problems with tenses of certain words too. But I suppose this is why they release it into beta so that people can report the issues and make comment on what they would like to see on the tree

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