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  5. "زَوج مُمتاز"

"زَوج مُمتاز"

Translation:an amazing husband

June 26, 2019



When are we going to talk about AMAZING WIVES too? :-)


Also, pretty sure the husband wrote all the material for these lessons.


I was wondeing the same thing


wondering the same thing


زوجة ممتازة = an amazing wife


the correct pronunciation for the phrase when independent: 'zawjun mumtaaz'


Right is; زَوْجٌ


What's the pronunciation? "Zaujim mumtaaz"?


The audio sounds like it has "zawjin mumtaaz", with the -in ending representing the genitive/dative case. It actually isn't necessary here, it would be better without it.


There's an -un sound on the end of the word meaning 'husband'


It can just be "Zuwj Mumtaaz"


that's how it sounds to me


The -un ending on زَوج is pronounced but not written. I think nunation (-un) pronounced can indicate indefiniteness and that the nunation would get dropped when اَل (ˀal = alif+lam, "the") is added to it at the start to make a noun definite. I'm just a learner, however, so go with what a moderator says and locate an Arabic grammar to explain it (The one I use is A. S. Tritton, Arabic, pp. 24-25 Lesson 1 "Noun and Articles"). I think both the noun and the adjective get the -un ending, however, as in "a big garden" نُسْتَان كَبِيرٌ (= my first time using an Arabic keyboard; cut-and-pasted; took me about ten minutes to figure out).


-- typos there, but good first effort :) -- بُسْتانٌ --


وأنا أَيْضاً أُحِبُّ النَبِيْذ :)


Got a case of the over-literal translation going on. "Great" or "excellent" husband doesnt take, only "amazing" or "outstanding". It may be that ممتاز‌ means literally "that which outstands", im not at that level yet, but if that is so then the course is following the letter rather than the spirit of the rule, not a good practice in language teaching.


Is anyone familiar with the Al-Kitaab Arabic Language Program text book?


I translated this as 'an excellent spouse' and it was marked as wrong. Opinions?


it is specifically a masculine word so can only mean 'male spouse' or husband. A female spouse would be زوجة zawjah


Thanks for answering :)

There are other examples on duolingo where a word is gendered, but it accepts an 'ungendered' translation. For example, in many sentences 'teacher' is accepted as a translation for معلّمة. You are not required to translate this by 'female teacher'.

Hence I though 'spouse' might work for زوج, even though the word is of course masculine.

I see how 'husband' would be the preferential - bc unambiguous - translation, but was just wondering whether it's necessary to mark 'spouse' as wrong.

Was also curious about excellent vs amazing as a translation for ممتاز.


For say the word 'معلمة', I feel the nongendered translation is accepted because there is no specific gendered word for 'male teacher' and another for 'female teacher,' unlike say with 'husband'

Personally I'm with you in principle though.

ممتاز the closest would be 'excellent', it is actually not 'amazing' because it does not have that quality of inciting a feeling of amazement - infact there is another word for it: مبهر moreover 'amazing' is not used as frequently in Arabic as it would be in say, American English...

which reminds me of this somehow... here's another word lost to misuse :D 'awesome' https://youtu.be/-tVqN0prMro


this is incorrect translation, the word mumtaz means excellent which is different from amazing


They sure do think a lot of positive things about this husband. Did the husband come up with this content? XD


زَوْجٌ مُمْتَازٌ to find out the final punctuation marks must know nahwu science in Arabic and this is more difficult of the just translating


Zowji is how the audio pronunced it, which I think makes it possessive.


It sounds like zawjin to me but should be zawjun which is the nominative/subjective case. Makes it hard for us students.


I hear momtez..? Isn't it momtaaz? As in "talk"?


and amazing wife... or excellent wife.. زوجة ممتازة


I wrote, a perfect husband. they didn’t accept the answer..

as far as i know, Mumtaaz means amazing/ excellent/perfect..

so what's wrong with my answer!?


Zauz for husband and zauziah for wife right?


"zauj" for husband and "zaujah" for wife. ج = j

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