Translation:a garage

June 26, 2019

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Why is it so small I have to have a magnifying glass to see it.


Agreed, the Arabic font size is way, way too small.


Agreed as well. A problem in other apps too, Arabic at the same point size as latin script is just way too tiny.


Funny it's the same way in Word on my desktop. While 12 point is fine for like Times New Roman, I have to make Arabic at LEAST 36 point for it to be legible. I'm sure as I gain familiarity with the letters and words I won't neede to make it so large but probably never 12 point without zooming the Word doc itself!


Ctrl and plus sign in your browser to zoom in


I guess that to transcribe the soung "g" which doesn't exist in arabic, we need to use sometimes "ك" (garage كَراج) and sometimes "ج" (Riga ريجا) ?


It depends on the dialect, in some places ج is pronounced like a g (Egypt I think), in others you'd probably use ك since it's the closest. ريجا was a weird one, like many people in the comments pointed out

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There is a letter گ that is used in other languages, and I've sometimes seen it used to represent g in proper names, but it's not a sound that natively occurs in Arabic (except for ج in Egyptian, as mentioned)

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Actually, I think ق is pronounced as a g in Gulf Arabic, but I'm not 100% sure on that


Borrowed words sometimes don't make sense for the letters/sounds chosen to represent them. I see this in lots of languages. In Russian, Harry Potter is spelled/pronounced as Gary Potter despite Russian having an H sound though a good bit more aspirated. But then look at all the English words which don't match the actual foreign words - Moscow, and as actually pronounced in Russian it's Moskva.


Please change color from yellow of the new items. It is very hard for visually impaired to see properly


Karage? Because that G sound ( russian г ) does not exist in Arabic, right?


The audio is very synthetic and I don't think it helps. The woman who has done the examples up until now is quite clear maybe another text-to-voice synthesizer could be found to take the load off of her though.


Omg This Arabic word sounds exactly like the English translatation!!


The real arabic word is مرأب ''maraab'' , ''karaj'' isn't a real one

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Is that for the part of your house where you park your car, or a business that repairs your car, or both?


My browser allows me set view on 125% and then it is easier to see the letters. It is a work around but it works. I found it impossible to see the fonts on my phone so I moved to my computer.


Por favor del español al árabe. Gracias


This has probably been asked elsewhere, but the audio adds an "un" sound to the end of the word, but does not when I open this discussion page and play the audio from here... there is no meaning to this extra syllable correct? It is just an audio bug?


Ah, just learned there is a thing called nunation so there is meaning to the extra sound (some discussion here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/32883238)


I don't like the way the person says it... Maybe they should add a male speaker or a different speaker which you could switch to


Is there no a letter in arabic that represents the G (like the first letter in the word garage) sound?


Why does it sound like there is an "un" at the end when there isn't one written?


Audio is working for me. (Unless you mean another problem with the audio...?)

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