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  5. "this banana"

"this banana"

Translation:هٰذِهِ الْموزة

June 26, 2019



Her pronunciation is really bad.


To be specific, it's "mawza" rather than "muuzh."


I thought banana was 'موز' ? How to know when to use masculin or feminine form?


So we have plural and singular. Mawzah is one banana, and then we have the irregular plural, mawz.

موزة = singular

موز = plural


that is not the pronunciation , it's false .


This banana, incorrect. Should be, this is banana.


Hm, no, Duo is right. Banana has ال indicating a specific banana, not a group, plus the ة here indicates an single banana. "This is the banana" would be هذه هي الموزة here the هي is not translated literally into English to mean "she."


How do an other language speking person would know which word is musculine and which word is feminine ...pls help


The the feminine nouns often end in ة or with an attached personal ending there is a ت between the pronoun and the rest of the word because the ة gets split open when you attach a letter to it. BUT there are exceptions. At this level they keep it simple, so look for ة. I'll give you one exception, the name حمزة (Hamza) ends with ة but it is a masculine name.

Sometimes all you can do is memorize. In Arabic, body parts that come in pairs are grammatically feminine and many nature words like sun, sky, earth, and fire (etc, however there are still exceptions, it is not a rule -> moon is masculine) are feminine.

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