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Arabic Course Feedback العربية


I‘m so pleased after 11 months we finally have Arabic! I’ve been doing it all day and currently on level 8 I believe. I’ve found it very good, but why I do tend to find that we are told ‚words‘ but just know the spelling and sound but not the actual meaning, even though we are out of the ‚Alphabet‘ zone.

We are told the word ليبيا (which means Libya), but haven’t been told it actually means that.

Will we be taught all these ‚missing‘ words later on? Or were they purely examples?

But overall great job!

شكرا لكم ومع السلامة!

June 26, 2019



Agree, they could've done it differently

[deactivated user]

    The Egyptian accent is driving me crazy. Why Duolingo, why?


    What accent do you personally like best?

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