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  5. "دُوو مُمتاز."

"دُوو مُمتاز."

Translation:Duo is amazing.

June 26, 2019



نَعَمْ، فِعْلًا!

(Well, I hope Duolingo supports RTL texts because the exclamation mark might appear at the beginning on an Arabic sentence)

[deactivated user]

    Hm.. so how does one say "amazing Duo"? Isn't that "دُوو مُمتاز." as well?


    If I'm not wrong, that would be دوو الممتاز.


    Agreed. Because “Duo” is a definite noun, an adjective made definite is required to make it clear that it belongs to the subject and isn’t a predicate.


    I just started learning the language, but in my reasoning it is the same, but you "amazing Duo"is a phrase not a sentence, so it would show up in the middle of a sentence. Since this has a period and is a sentence, is assumed that it's "Duo is amazing". But that's just a noobie's thoughts on it


    I have exactly the same question.


    Please, help us understand!


    Wait, is not a pair of guys playin' theguitar. Duo is a name!!! That's why


    I think that would also be a situation where "هوَ" or "هيَ“ come in handy as border posts between subject and predicate in long noun sentences.

    Example: دوو الممتاز هو يتعلّمُ اللّغة العربية الآن

    Here, the "هو" wouldn’t be translated into English; rather, it helps mark off which words belong to the complex subject and which ones belong to the predicate. If the subject were feminine, then "هيَ" would be used. This comes up quite a bit in every-day texts!


    The TTS speech isn't that great in distinguishing consonants and vowels. و can be a long vowel u and a consonant w but the TTS speech pronounce it as Duuu instead of Duwuu.


    Why does duo sound like duu


    In Arabic there is not the letter "o"


    DL also accepts "excellent" as another meaning for مُمتاز (At least here!). That is good because "مُمتاز " is the very word the teacher will write on your paper when you get all the answers right!


    don't understand why amazing duo is wrong


    Could anyone explain the spelling of دُوو as "Duo". I know that dammah+waw=long "u", but what would be the pronunciation of this word without the dammah? Why is not enough just only dammah without the first "waw" as short "u"? What does indicate in this spelling that the last letter "waw" is read as a vowel and not as a consonant?


    There is a problem with the TTS computer speech. "Duo" is being incorrectly pronounced as "Duu" because of the problem with how the computer is reading the Arabic text.

    دُ = du and وو = wuu/woo/wo. The first waaw/ و is a "w" and the second waaw/و is a stand-in for "o".

    Dammah ُ + waw و does not = long "u". "Waaw/و " makes both the long "u" sound and the "w" sound.

    Since vowel markings are optional, and not usually used, leaving the damma(h) out would not change the pronunciation of the word. However, since "Duo" is not an Arabic word or name, people would not know how it is to be pronounced without the help of vowel markings.

    As GlCqPY said, دو would be pronounced "duu".

    I hope this detailed explanation helps answer any other questions you had.

    Update 3/6/20: The course creators made a correction to the TTS pronunciation. It now sounds like "Duo".


    If it is is without the dammah, you would read: duu. If one waw is away, then it would be: du.


    However, now that we know Duo is a queen, shouldn't it be دُوو مُمتازة ؟


    Isn't ( ممتاز ) means perfect

    [deactivated user]

      Hey, what's the difference between "Duo is" and "Duo's" !!!! Why the program is considering as a mistake?


      Duo's amazing should have been accepted. Why not?


      We speak that way but we don't write that way. "Duo's" is only possessive, meaning something belongs to Duo, e.g. "That is Duo's jacket". It is never a contraction of "Duo is."


      Shouldn't the second character be a noon(ن) if it is pronounced mantez?


      Sure, if it were being pronounced that way, but it is pronounced "mumtaaz".


      Is not 'duo are amazing'


      No. The conjugation of the verb "to be" in English is:

      I am ------------- we are

      you are ---------- you are

      he/she/it is ----- they are


      How do get to these meaning?


      Mumtaz is neighbor ? And amazing ? Correct me


      Mumtaz is amazing. Jaar (جار) is neighbour.


      I can appreciate some coercion in that sentence... (someone knocks on the door) Who is there? Duo? Please Duo! Nooo!



      Imagine teaching names


      If Duo is a name then the error is a real error... or is it? I think this just shows the weakness in understanding the flexibility in English that this level of Arabic doesn't have


      How is my answer wrong?? Learn English if you want to teach another language in it


      No one can know how your answer is wrong unless you tell us what you wrote.


      Hahaaaaa! I typed "Duo Amazing" duo corrects me "Duo is amazing"


      Just it was my typing mistake that amagin5


      Are Yrr Hame kaise Matlab Pata chalega abhi to sirf alphabet seekhe h meaning to smjhaye hi nhi


      I accidentally typed "Due is amazing", seems like a single letter typo is not very well tolerated by this algorithm, I wonder how it tells a typo from an incorrect word :/

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