"بَيت عادي"

Translation:a regular house

June 26, 2019

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bayt-un, "a" house. al-bayt the house... hopefully they will introduce endings and beginnings to words soon. and the 3 is ayn, its sometimes like swallowing the A, there is also a gayn in my opinion is worse. more to swallow lol check alif ba ta on YouTube you'll here each letter pronounced.


There should be a statement in the lessons explaining why words get pronounced with the extra "un" at the end. So far it has never been mentioned. Also the pronunciation of "3a" is unclear to me so that should be cleared up as well.


Look up some tutorials on YouTube as to how to pronounce ع. It is extremely difficult


For English speakers anyway


What is the actual sound made by the first letter in the second word? It seems to be confusing the TTS a bit, and all through the last lesson where it was introduced, it was represented in English by '3', which of course does not help with pronunciation whatsoever and yes I reported it on every question.

When it's at the front of the word, it sounds almost silent, but when it was in the middle it sounded kind of like a wobbly h. Is this an h sound or a glottal stop or what?



From the tips and notes section of Countries 1 I inferred that 3 is sort of the anglicised texting way of writing this letter, since it looks like a backwards 3 and there is no way to write it phonetically in English. (There should probably still be something in the tips and notes for this lesson explaining that, otherwise it just looks like a typo and will probably bring in a lot of reports.)

As for the pronunciation, it's very hard to describe, so here is a video of someone else doing it:



Is it just me or do they push you straight into translations without teaching you


It sounds like she's saying "un" or something along those lines between the two words, anybody know what that is?


That is correct. The 'n' at the end is pretty much the equivalent of 'a / an' in English, and the "u" is to do with the grammatical function. It can be 'un', 'an' or 'in' depending on the situation.


But shouldn't it have some mark or letter or something else to show this "a/an"?


It can, but normally it's not written.


I have just learned...In Arabic if we talk about "any" house (a house) we bring the "un" at the end of the noun..."bayt-un aadii" which house? Any house...


I do not understand the writing letters , this programme does not teach us letter by letter the Arabic letters and what every single individual letter means so I cannot understand it when I see it written down then it asks me to write what I hear which is impossible


If you need help on any Arabic im your man. Please follow and comment below why your struglling and ill try my best to answer


What is meant by a 'regular' house? Do they mean to say a 'typical' or a 'standard' house?


I found that eadi means like normal, plain, ordinary, regular, etc. so I think your guess about a typical or standard house is correct


what means regular house? first time to hear such expression...


Aren't you supposed to read from right to left not left to right?


I thought ayadid was chicken and jadid was regular. Why is this regular house?


It is not making people to understand the meaning and push you straight into translation without teaching and helping


They didn't teach me what is 3aadii yet... I had to guess. It means Regular


unrealated to ðis but why are ðere numbers in ðe text

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