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Pronunciation inaccuracies and some unnatural sentences

I am really happy to finally see my native Language on Duolingo, so I tried the course to see what it's like and I think it is quite good as a start. But I found some problems with the Audio pronunciation.

First problem is with the pronunciation of 'ي', it is sometimes pronounced as 'ى'. For example in the Name "Judy جودي" it was pronounced as "Jude جودى"

Another problem was with the emphasis "شدة". In some words it was completely ignored like with "لمَّا" -means as, when or while- it was pronounced as "لمَا" which has a very different meaning.

There are also some unnatural sentences like "زوج جديد ممتاز A perfect new husband". I don't think that I have ever heard someone say that. A more natural sentence would be something like "زوجك الجديد ممتاز Your new husband is perfect". It can however be accepted as a part of a sentence not a complete sentence. A complete sentence would be something like "أبحث عن زوج جديد ممتاز I am looking for a new perfect husband".

But otherwise great course.

June 26, 2019



Very informative. Some other posts just say that the pronunciation is bad. You pointed out the actual differences. Shukraan.


I certainly can't speak for the pronunciation, though it sounds like from what you are saying that there are some technical errors. These are important to report so they can be fixed. Thank you for the specific examples. I know there was a post recently about how to report the audio, and I'm sure it would be very helpful to the contributors to have these submitted. Since I'm so new to the language, it's difficult for me to pick things out because I don't know how they're supposed to sound. (So glad you clarified Judy. I found that confusing.)

Some of the sentences will definitely be unnatural, but I think that's intentional, just like many other Duolingo courses, especially at the beginning, where the focus is going to be more on word order and structure, etc.

Thank you for the informative post.

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