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  5. "هُوَّ لابِس قُبَّعة."

"هُوَّ لابِس قُبَّعة."

Translation:He is wearing a hat.

June 26, 2019



What is the difference between "لابس" and "يلبس"? When do you use which form?


لابس is the اسم الفاعل (active participle) of the root verb لبس

يلبس is the masculine 3rd person singular (present tense: الأفعال المضارع ) form of the root verb لبس




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You cannot say لابس in Arabic. I am Arabian and I see that.


Dear.. I am Arabic, there is nothing calledلابس
Only يلبس means:wears


It's true that لابس does not literally mean "to wear" but it does mean "a wearer" as it is in the form of اسم فاعل. The sentence would then, strictly speaking, mean "He is a wearer of a hat". Of course, there's no great loss in meaning translating it as "He is wearing a hat."

You may be an Arab, but in my experience that does not say much as regards expertise in Arabic grammar. Often native Arab speakers make grave mistakes interpreting the Qur'an due to a lack of grammar.

It's quite unfortunate since Arabic is a language that once mastered allows for precise articulation of very deep ideas in speech that quite concise.


It's هُوَ, there is no shadd


I think هو يلبس قبعة would have been a better way to say it...idk im not an Arab, but i live in the middle east and I kinda know some basic Arabic so Im just guessing...

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