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Guess the sound?

In the first alphabet skills, its showing you a word in arabic letters, plays the sound and lets you choose how its written with english letters. Thus you can connect the visual with audio in your mind

However after a certain level (I am 3 now) it doesnt show you the arabic syllable any more but you hear only the sound.

So I wonder, what is its purpose? Hearing 'duud' and then choosing the word in latin letters doesnt get you anywhere in arabic. So I wonder if its a bug or ommission that should be fixed?

June 26, 2019



I think the course should have taught the alphabet first before these guess the sound questions so that people can understand.


If I am not mistaken, after the sounds of the alphabet you will answer memorization of the Arabic letters. If not, the course is still in Beta, so don't fret :)

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