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  5. "Is she wearing a t-shirt?"

"Is she wearing a t-shirt?"

Translation:هَل هِيَّ لابِسة تي شيرْت؟

June 26, 2019



Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think هِيَ carries a شدة in فصحى.


You are right no shadda


Should be هل ترتدي تي شيرت


It shouldn’t even be تي شيرت ، it should be قميص


I am the only one who cringes with the translation of t shirt all my life at school we called it 9amis قميص ??


In case this helps: in US English a t-shirt is more informal than a shirt. So English to Arabic for 'shirt" it should be قميص but for an informal t-shirt perhaps the English loan word is ok? According to Arabic vs Arabic A Dialect Sampler (p. 7) the MSA and most common dialect word for shirt is قميص. Apparently in Algeria, where the French colonized, they commonly use the French word tricot.

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