"Your neighbor Omar is a doctor, Rania."

Translation:جارِك عُمَر دُكْتور يا رانْيا.

June 26, 2019

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When to use جارِك with line under 'Ra' or Hamzah and when to use it with line above 'Ra' or Fathah?


The line under the "Ra" is called Kasra and is used when you're talking to a female. When you're talking to a male, you use the Fathah.


Using kasra in جارك is wrong. Zayd_D is completely right: it should be جارُكِ. The way you are using it is applicable when using it in dative (مجرور) and accusative(منصوب) cases. It is really annoying to encounter such errors all throughout the application. Please correct them, otherwise you will lose a lot of your customers.


Is "ya" necessary to form the vocative, or can it be left out? Will Rania know I'm addressing her if I just say "Rania" and not "ya Rania"?


in most cases it is necessary in standard Arabic. In this case if it is left out it would read: جارك عمر دكتور رانيا

An Arab would hear that as: Your neighbor Omar is Rania's doctor.


you can say رانيا، جارك عمر دكتور

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