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"Select what you hear" only shows Latin-alphabet choices

I've been excited to try out the new Arabic course and I'm glad to see that it's finally out. However, the "select what you hear" section for practice (shown on desktop in the link below) doesn't show the Arabic characters at all, only the latinized choices, which isn't too helpful for learning how sounds are written. This occurs on desktop and mobile. https://i.imgur.com/Qp1kjsn.png

Other than that, great job on the course so far!

June 26, 2019



This shows up on both desktop and mobile as the latinized characters for me. I also think it would be much more helpful for them to be in the Arabic characters


Now that you said that, I checked the practice there too and surely enough, same thing! Will update my post


Latinized pronounciation is very unhelpful. I don't know any Arabic but I know the alphabet to read the Quran. Latinization confuses me even though I know the letters.


But what if you're an absolute beginner like myself and you don't know the Arabic characters?

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