"Carrie and Bob"

Translation:كَري وَبوب

June 26, 2019

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كاري و بوب


Yeah, why is "Carrie" Arabicized as كري (excuse the lack of accents) instead of كاري ? Is it to make it sound more like the English version?


Nah It's just a mistake. Write it however you hear it if it's a non-arabic name like David or George or Marry. Anyways in this case كري doesn't sound like Carrie so that's a mistake. So كاري is the correct and only option Btw there is a lot of complications like that in the other activities so...


thank you! I learned the we must use ا ي و with foreign names. is that correct?


Well you use those whenever the situation demands not just on foreign names. I'll give you a short explanation those three letters و ي and ا can be tools to lengthen the letters sound like زي (Zee) unlike the lettre alone ز which sounds like Za (short). Let's have another example this word الحياة (means life and pronounced Haya) the ا give the letterي a boost. Just to make things clear the use of ا or ي or و is compulsory so you wouldn't remove that letter and hope the meaning won't change it like any other letter and it's just as important! Make sure you search them up so you can get the whole thing better


Yes, I think it is to make it sound like we pronounce it in English with a short "a" sound. We don't elongate the "a" sound in English when we say "Carrie".


It doesn't sound like you say it english to you pronounce it Carrie or Carie it's not just the elongation the whole thing is messed up. There is two Rs pronounced there not just one. It's like they pronounced however it's spelled


Why does the و attach itself to names sometimes but not other times?


If you're trying to imply that your version is the correct one, use de 'report a problem' button please.


كري وبوب


According to what I have learned so far (in here) I would pronounce those words as: "karii wabuub". Am I wrong? Do english speakers pronounce Bob as Buub??!

On the other hand the audio sounds to me as "karri wapop".


Seriously I'm thinking like this


The audio has issues. Naturally it's pronounced the same way in Arabic as in English. I mean there isn't a P in Arabic. So not sure why it become Pop.


Its sounds like keddi waybub


So I know this is a beta language. Do you guys know any place to report a question for simply being too hard? I mean I did manage to answer it right, but it was just like: what is this sound? connect these sounds to their english version? and then BOOM! How do you write Carrie and Bob in arabic? (and I don't think there was an info on "and" being ua anywhere on the lesson. That was a big jump for me.


You can search in the Discuss area in the Arabic section for a topic that concerns this DL Arabic course, where I'm sure you'll get some encouraging feedback. My own two cents is that Arabic is difficult to start because the alphabet is particularly difficult. I recommend looking online for additional help with learning the alphabet or grabbing a used intro to Arabic book such as A. S. Tritton's Arabic (Teach Yourself Books). If you spend 10 minutes a day and take a chill approach to the topic, you will learn a lot and before you know it things will start to click. Tinker around with DL if you are new to it. For instance, if you hover over a word, it provides help. DL is easy to use once you get the hang of it. Good luck.


Thank you for your help. However, I have learned a few languages that had non latin alphabets, and arabic so far isn't that hard, to be honest. It is just simply the jump between levels was shocking and I want to report that so people who want to learn it in the future will have an easier time. It IS a beta language which means DL is still developing the right way to structure lessons and any feedback is usually valuable at times like this. Or I would imagine that's how it would be, as that's how it is with beta versions in other industries.


Comment for DL administration: can we make the font BIGGER please?? It's so hard to just READ the symbols here! Thank you!


Why is she saying Bob with such a short o? The way it's written shouldn't it be pronunced like buub?


Arabic does not have a separate letter or vowel marker for the letter "o", so the letter waaw is used to represent "o". Arabic speakers who know English will try to pronounce English words the same way English speakers do, regardless of the spelling in Arabic. But, accents always come into play.

I just noticed that this is a different recording of "Bob" than was used when I first did this sentence nine months ago. People were complaining that the recording sounded like "Pop" instead of "Bob". Now the first letter sounds like our "B" but the recording speed is faster than a human would say the word.

The words are "spoken" by a TTS computer that "reads" vowels and consonants to make words, not a human being, btw.


so "ua" means "and" and you are supposed to attach it to the subject being added on? So the sentence would be like "Carrie andgeorge", making "and" as part of the next word?


Yes, that's how all Semitic languages do it (Hebrew, Aramaic-Syriac, etc.). Sometimes DL puts and "and" attached to the second name, in which case you don't want to double up the "and" with a separate one, and other times there is no "and" attached to the second name and so you have to click on the "and" for three words in total.


The moderator Samir said in another post that some Arabic speaking countries, like Lebanon, do not attach the "wa" to the following word, while others do.


Why is bob pronounced as pop while there is no p in Arabic


Some people perceive the "b" as "p" while others do not. I hear a "b" sound said with an "accent". When English speakers say "Bob", the "o" sound is long and when we say "pop", the "o" is short. Here, the "o" is short so some people hear "pop" instead of "Bob".

The course was created by native Arabic speakers but the sentences are being read by a computer (TTS) not by a human being, that is why the pronunciation is not always correct or the best.


It is a recurring problem. The "و" letter should not be attached to the second name


As benton1 wrote via Samir, it depends on country. I respect that for you it should not be attached, but in some Arabic countries apparently it is. Peace.


Well I am Arab and that's somewhat new to me i was writing in Arabic my whole life. I don't think it has anything to do with country it doesn't get attached to the noun after it that's all i know.


According to A. S. Tritton, Arabic (Teach Yourself Books, p. 40) وَ 'and' is written with the following word.


Well apparently you do (I asked someone else). You're right. You attach it . I guess I am used to handwriting things so I leave a space between the و and the other word so I kinda don't know whether you attach it or not. Well It kind became a habit that i don't stop to think before writing. Sorry for the trouble


No worries. Have a lingot


How do I type the accents in an Android keyboard? I wrote كري وبوب and got it right somehow


Am i the only one confused about the "wa"? I dont know if its because im lebanese but my parents always pronoune it as ou


That's interesting, because Hebrew and all Semitic languages have the same letter for "and" and it gets pronounced differently depending on what it's paired with. It can sometimes be oo and other times wa. At any rate, there must be variations among Arabic speakers. I can't comment on whether DL is helpful with its pronunciation here but I thought I'd share that about other Semitic languages.


I thought بؤب would be "boob". I thought it would be more like "باب".


Nvm its the placement of the and


Good evening all. Which keyboard is user friendly as some arabic letters in level 1 are not visible on keyboard. Please help how to search all letters and type it in duolingo.


For mobile in general similar looking characters that aren't there can be found if you keep on pressing the similar letter. I recommend the google keyboard. Any version of arabic would do the trick. Try Egypt's.


I'd really prefer using appropriate ethnic names.


Please correct the outspellings of the letters Some letter need more base in their spelling and others need low base Some base on there position and their exponent It's better to let someone arabian (especially the readers of the quran) to teach


It's a hard language for me ... Seriously ....ahhhh


Why is this so hard its not really beginner friendly


Having never used an arabic keyboard before I am now stuck because, for example, I don't know how to form the first "letter" in Carrie , or how to put a - above a letter


I have the option of either typing the words or clicking on pre-typed words. If you choose to type the words, I don't believe you have to type the vowel or diacritic markings. It's been a while since I've used the typing function here, though. You can google instructions on how to type the vowel markings and print out the instructions, if you want to do so. The first letter looks a lot different when it stands by itself. It is the letter ك and is in the position of the semicolon/; on my keyboard when I have my Arabic keyboard selected/activated.


Shouldn't it be كَري و باب ?

I'm kinda confused about the pronunciations here (all of Duolingo)


They are wrong saying

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