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  5. "This food is spicy!"

"This food is spicy!"

Translation:Pika kēia mea ʻai!

June 26, 2019



Is "mea" necessary?


Why don't you have either 'hū" or "auē" at the beginning of this sentence that ends with an exclamation point. I am really frustrated with the difference with "hū" and "auē". Please help!


Just curious—could this sentence also be written as: "He pika ka mea ʻai kēia!"

Mahalo for any insight.


An adjective doesn't need "he" before it and that sentence is weirdly ordered.

If we omit "he", then "pika ka mea ʻai kēia" which literally means: "the food this is spicy"

~Vir pius sacrificat~


And what about "Ka pika 'o kēia mea 'ai"? There is a ka before the adjective in "Hū ka 'ono o kēia mea 'ai" and "Hū ka wela 'o Honolulu". Is ke/ka needed just after a hū or auē?

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