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  5. "جودي وَبوب"

"جودي وَبوب"

Translation:Judy and Bob

June 26, 2019



How do you know is not saying: Judy and Pop?


Read the arabic letters, it reads "bob", listening to it alone can get confusing


Ba is at the end of the word


As a total newbie to Arabic, the elided 'wa' takes the guess work out of some of the answers. Or perhaps some more of the multiple choice should have the elided 'wa'


Thanks for raising this issue. I recommend that you give a report to the Duolingo people. Keep in mind that the Arabic course is BETA, so there will still be "issues" to work out.


It must have a space between و and بوب


You don't put a space between وَ and whatever comes after it as a conjunction. It just attaches to the next word (the same thing happens in Hebrew with ו).


Actually, it depends on the country. In some Arab countries, like Lebanon, we do add a space to make it clearer that it's a separate entity :-)


I've done Arabic translations, and had them published. I've never seen seen it elided with the phrasing that comes after it. Fusha and Moroccan Dareeja.


Samir, why does "waaw" make an "o/ah" sound in Bob's name? I thought it only made an "uu" or "w" sound.


In foreign names and loan words, we try to mimic the original sound that و represents instead of what و sounds like. This, of course, depends on the level of exposure of the Arabic speaker to foreign languages. Some people would still pronounce it as “uu” if they’re not familiar with the original foreign word/name. In Lebanon, we use Bob as a short version of the name إبراهيم (Abraham)


How can we go back to previous level


I know this is in the BETA stage, but having the "and" as part of the word phrasing is going to be confusing. "And" (as in "wa") is not normally part of the word phrasing that follows it.


I agree with you, but it is important to know that in some Arab countries they don't put a space. So it was intentional on their part. I did let one of the course contributors know about this issue and recommended that they adopt the standard that uses a space after "and". I hope they listen to my advice.


Every time I write Bob you say wrong please correct there is some thing wrong


I wrote Jude and it was wrong. Does anyone knows how it is translated as Judy rather than Jude?


It is spelled and pronounced "Judy" because of the final letter "ي /yaa" which makes the "ii" sound when it is a vowel and "y" when it is a consonant. Phonetically "Judy" is "juudii" because in English when "y" is a vowel, it is pronounced "ii".

I just read, during a google search, though, that there is an Arabic girls name spelled "Jude" but pronounced "Judy".

In English, "Jude" is a boys name and is pronounced "juud".

In English, the use of "a final, silent e" is to tell us that the vowel that proceeds the consonant in front of the "e", is a "long vowel". That means that the vowel is pronounced like the name of the letter, "u" in this case. Jude = juud

I think that is why there was some confusion.


جودي و بوب


Why is 'Bob' incorrectly transliterated?


Ive left about 100 reports about the bob thing


Why do we need to practice translating "Judy and Bob"? What is this supposed to be teaching us?


Every time i write bob you say wrong please correct there is something wrong


What is this my this is Olso correct then why is it showing wrong


I don't know this, this is to difficult


I can't understand


(جودي judy )(و and). (بوب Bob). :) ok


"Bob" pronunciation is not currect

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