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  5. "جورج وَروزا"

"جورج وَروزا"

Translation:George and Rosa

June 26, 2019



As a native speaker i would say that the n sound at the end of Roza is wrong and misplaced.


You are absolutely correct


جُوْرْجُ وَرُوْزَا

"juurj(u) waruuzaa"


جُوْرْجُ وَ رُوْزَا

"juurj(u) wa ruuzaa"

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It sounds to me like there's a "en" sound at the end of "Rosa". Is that the correct pronunciation, or a glitch? Thanks!


Some are saying it's a glitch, others are saying it's nunation. Since Duolingo didn't talk about nunation in the "Tips and Notes", which I think they should, I have to go by what others say and what I've read, which didn't say whether nunation affects both proper nouns or just the first or last one. We just have to go with the flow until the glitches are fixed and the grammar is, hopefully, explained to us in the Tips and Notes. We are the Beta testers, you know.


The nunation, or "al-tanwiin" should be a Dammatan though, or "-un," because it is in the nominative case or "al-marfuu3." This sounds like a fatHatan, or "-an," which is for the accusative case, or "al-manSuub."

SOME names, such as MuHamad, can be nunated, but generally we don't put any diacritics on names transliterated from other languages, such as Rosa, because it's not natural-sounding.

This is likely just a bug because adverbs in Arabic end in Alif (aa) with the fatHatan (-an), so an alif at the end of the word is frequently pronounced "-an." In this case it should not be.


that's what I'm wondering too! Sounds like Rosen


It's definitely a glitch. It should be pronounced ruuzaa /ru:.za/


Awesome, let's get this started!


The conjunction و attaching to the beginning of the next word is really tripping me up. و means "and", و means "and", و means "and", hammer it in!


It is one of the very first things you learn in Arabic though so they've put it in the right place. I'm sure I learned it from the first couple of chapters from some old "Teach Yourself" book from the library many years ago.


Means and I believe وَ


Is there a space in the Arabic here between "George and...". I'm familiar (from Hebrew) with the "and" being attached to the next word, but not with the one before, but I can't see a space here. Is this simply a font issue?


Standard in MSA, according to my professors, is to write و - "and" closer to the following word, meaning no space. But what I read here in the comments (on some other exercises) is that, in some dialects, there is a space between و and the following word. I guess Duo took MSA as a standard when it comes to that. And MSA is what you would be taught anywhere, at least I haven't seen or heard of any language school/course that'll teach you some Arabic dialect... I could be wrong on this one, tho!


Can someone explain why the j looks different on its own and with other letters...also why is "and" put with Rosa here as well as separately


J or ج is not connected to R or ر because you cannot connect ر with the letter that comes next, no matter what the letter is. Apart from ر, there are other letters that stay "hanging", or don't get connected in writing, such as ز، و، ذ، ا، ى، ء، د . So, go over the alphabet to learn the connections, it'll help you a lot.

Each letter has 4 different ways of writing, sort of speak - when alone, at the beginning of the word, in the middle, and at the end of the word.

When it comes to و or "and", here it's written next to the word "Rosa". I wrote about that difference just a few posts above yours. There is a small difference between MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) and dialects when it comes to positioning the "and".


I don't know answer can you tell the answer


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Rose yaptım Rosa'ymış e yüzünden gitti ! I am sad!


Aynısı nasıl hatalı


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My brother started to say 'Rosan'


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I amswered George Rawad and still got it right. Hatha Gharib!


I can't understand this simple sentence


Thanks for giving a correct answer for a typo


This type of question is absolutely pointless. I can see some value in interpreting written names but "translating" names spoken in an Arabic accent into English is a waste of time and effort


I wrote it exactly but didn't expect


Seriously. I wtote Rose instead of Rosa and it's mistake


Rose should count for roza, also "wa" doesn't sound like it, it's more of an "u"


I write it exactly as it is written at the bottom and it is not accepted not cool


What is your name hannah


Rose rosa, not that big difference


i almost think what words is that..


I gave the answer :"George and Rose" and it didn't get accepted... and it should be accepted because it's correct


You got it wrong because her name is "Rosa" not "Rose".

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