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June 26, 2019



Why is Baakuu not accepted when an alif is transliterated as aa everywhere else in Duolingo Arabic?

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I'm guessing because this is a proper noun with a standardised spelling in English, not a nonsense word just for us to practise reading.


You're not transliterating here, it's a translation.


Is this also the name of the city of Baku in arabic?


It sounds more like "Beku" to me.


Because the short "a" sound in Arabic is pronounced like "eh" when attached to most consonants. :)


I've been wondering, what does the dot below the character do? I know it changes the sound, but I don't quite know the technical phonetic change that happens.


The character here with the dot is the arabic letter for "B" phonetic sound...


It seems pretty arbitrary to me when vowels are transliterated as short vs. long. In this case I transliterated باكو as Baakuu and was marked wrong. In the early stages when we're supposed to be learning the alphabet how should we know that this is pronounced differently than expected (especially if using the app on silent mode)? And if there is a reason to pronounce this differently, what is the rule that explains why?


In previous lessons they didn't ask us to translate. Rather to just write how does that arabic word sounded. In this lesson they are asking us to translate. And the word was a name of a city which has a standard spelling in English. Thus we have to write that. In these lessons I guess they are just trying to teach us how many names in English are written differently in Arabic. Such as Peru is written as Biiruu in Arabic but when the Arabic people see this they understand it's a name & pronounce Peru instead of Biiruu....I guess Duolingo is just trying to teach us that..


Azerbaijan (Azərbaycan) was also one of the 15 former Republics of the Soviet Union


Any Azeris here? Gosh i miss Baku so much.


My friend is arab and says that this is fake news.


أنا أتكلم بلغة العربية


باكو = ب + ا + ك + و

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