June 26, 2019



In many dialects of Arabic, أهلا (and مرحبًا) would translate to "welcome," and not "hello." For "hello," you can use the Muslim greeting "As-salaamu 3alaikum" ("Peace be upon you"), or if you're going for something less denominational, simply say sabaa7 ul-5air or masaa2 ul-5air ("Good morning," and "Good afternoon/evening," respectively.)


I haven't gotten far enough to know what 7 or 5 represent


And isn"t "ahlan" just the respond to hello? U don't say it first I thought. Like "ahlan ua sahlan". After marhaban.


It would better to capitalize the 'h' (isn't capitalized when the comment submitted)


isn't it possible to say something like "Malghaba" for hello ?


From my experience, in Jordan people use Marhaban (مرحبًا) when you start speaking to someone as "hoi, hello, hi there....) and Ahlan (أهلا) is said to you when you enter some place as "welcome" - sometimes like entering a shop you say Marhaban to the sailsman and he answer you with Ahlan... (ofcourse they say those terms in their dialect which sounds a little different from the MSA, but you get used to it quickly)

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    Is there a reason why the letter ''noon'' is not being used at the end?


    Yes, the double dashes you see above the last letter makes it end with a "an" sound. A single dash adds an "a" sound, a double dash adds an "an" sound.


    How do i get an Arabic keyboard with the harakats fully equipped?


    Duo, you use أَهْلاً as Hello in many other exercises and suddenly it is not right? Funny...

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