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  5. "كَراج جَديد"

"كَراج جَديد"

Translation:a new garage

June 26, 2019



When I hear both words, it sounds like an extra letter or word between them. Anyone else?


Yeah, they're adding in this -un ending. It basically makes the noun indefinite, like "a garage" instead of "the garage" (which would be al-karaaj). The 'u' part of -un also shows the noun's case, which shows how the noun functions in the sentence, but it's not really relevant to know until we get longer sentences.


Thanks everyone for the answers. Love you all


Thanks! I had been wondering about that.


It's the tenuin, a sound which gives the grammatical function of the word (a noun when it's a "oun", I think). It's quite confusing when you hear it and don't know what it's about but it will probably be in a later lesson.


Yeah, sounds like 'garaj un jadid' ir something. I don't get it


You're not crazy theres a "oon" sound at the end from a harakah you don't see (im 80% sure) Dont ask me why though...i have no clue


I discovered that if you play it slowly, the 'un' is not pronouced


that's because sentences are not really "played slowly", rather word by word (and also slower)


Yes I hear karaj(un) jadid, not sure if that's correct or not


Is it normal for the Arabic fonts to be so small?


yeah, most languages are smaller for new comers but this is how most written material will be like, you will get used to this, but most of the time you will be able to resize it.


Hey, thanks for the answer! I totally thought so but had to make sure :)


How am I suppose to know it? in the course till now there was just alphabet


When you mouse over / tap a new word, it shows a hint for translation.

[deactivated user]

    Why don't they tell us meanings of various words before asking sentences?


    Very frustrating that they're asking me to answer words I've not been taught yet-- I obviously understand "karaj" is garage. But I couldn't know that "jadid meant new" nor that the adjective appears after the noun in Arabic. Is this always the case and is the word "a" implied?


    I am not understanding how we r to translate and we didnt learn the words? Am I missing something with the other lessons? I didnt understand the alphabet. I got things right by listening.. not reading. Any tips


    Start pattern matching the letters with the sounds, until you know what the letters sound like. When you've done that, you can guess what each word sounds like, even before hearing the answer. That's how I'm learning the alphabet


    I didn't learn this words plus it doesnt teach me the translation just the pronunciation. So its difficult to answer such questions.


    I think that Duolingo isn't made for Arabic learners.


    Sounds like "kerajUN jadid". Where does the UN come from?


    Sometimes the word endings sound for me not as they should from sound of the last letter how I learned it. For example here it sounds more like "karaaj jadiib" to me! What should I do to learn the pronunciation? Should I say what I hear or what I read?


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