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"Ketinggian gedung ini diukur oleh insinyur itu."

Translation:The height of this building is measured by that engineer.

June 26, 2019



What is the difference between using tinggi and ketinggian?


'tinggi' (adjective) is the base word.
'ketinggian' is a noun in this sentence.

You need a noun in this sentence.
The noun is formed with the 'ke-an' affix.

Gedung ini tinggi = This building is high.
Ketinggian gedung ini 100m = The height of this building is 100m.

You can also attach '-nya' to the base word, and make it a noun.

Tingginya gedung ini 100m = The height of this building is 100m.


Thank you. I thought I saw a sentence with "tinggi", maybe it was "tingginya".


Yes, you could be right.

I just discovered something funny.

I just checked and doublechecked with KBBI.

Please compare the following KBBI definitions:



The first link shows you 8 definitions of the word 'tinggi'.
All of them are adjectives.

The second link shows you 11 definitions.
Take a look at the last one, entry number eleven....that's a noun.

11 n ukuran panjang dari bawah ke atas seseorang atau sesuatu yang berdiri tegak

Translation of the definition :

measurement of length from the bottom to the top (from someone or something that stands upright).

Apparently, it can be used as a noun now.

Okay, that's good to know.

To be honest...I prefer to use it as an adjective, but that's just me.
If I need a noun I'll use an affix, we have plenty of those


Regarding KBBI:
KBBI is the official dictionary.
KBBI is published and maintained by the government.
Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan (KemDikBud) = The Ministry of Education and Culture.

https://kbbi.web.id/ https://kbbi.kemdikbud.go.id/Cari/Index

Both links are from the official KBBI dictionary.
I assume that the second link is updated earlier.


In another sentence, "my height" is translated to "tinggi saya", while "ketinggian" is not accepted there. Why is it so? Is it because "ketinggian" cannot be used for humans?


It's true that "ketinggian" is not commonly used for humans.


I've found the reply button :)

You're right (off course)


Mbak Femmy is right (again).


Mbak Femmy, I can't reply directly to your comment.
(there is no 'reply button').


I actually think the correct word to use here is "tinggi". If you measure a box, you measure its length and width and height. In Indonesian, that's panjang, lebar, and tinggi (not kepanjangan, kelebaran and ketinggian).


'ketinggian' = altitude (elevation)

That's another possible translation.

Example sentence from a news article :

Letusan pertama terjadi pada pukul 21.58 WIB, dengan estimasi kolom abu mencapai ketinggian 357 meter di atas permukaan laut.

'ketinggian' describes the height that the column of ash reaches during the volcanic eruption.

'kolom abu mencapai ketinggian 357 meter di atas permukaan laut.'
'the column of ash reaches an altitude of 357 meter above sea level.'

Here is the link to the news article:

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