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"Peru and Korea"

Translation:بيرو وَكوريا

June 27, 2019



Peru is written in Arabic as Beru because for long ago Arabic did not have a letter that sounds with P. But recently the Arabic league for Language affairs has brought up an Arabic letter that has the P sound. The newly letter is like ث, it has the three dots on ث below it that is pronounced as P/PA.

Hope this helps!


I'm a native Arabic speaker. What you are saying is not true the alphabet ث is pronounced same as th

*In Arabic we don't have J, V or even P so in order to be able to use these letters in Arabic there are three instead the first is J = چ Second V = ڤ Third P = پ Yeah and that's all Btw the audio sometimes pronounces the words wrongly and things like jaad (چاد) and kad(كَد) are sounds that means nothing and in order to help you can use ArabicPod101

  1. This پ comes from the Persian, no? It is present in other languages that use the Arabic script.
  2. They tell us in the tips that in the lessons about the alphabet some words will have no meaning.


is there a source for this, that they made a new letter?


ث is pronounced like "th" take it from an arab


Reminds me of how "Pepsi-Cola" is بيبسي كورا (bibsi kura) since there isn't really a P sound to work with.


When i lived in Qatar they called Coca Cola, "the jesus drink." I didn't get it ... until I wrote out coca cola in arabic script. Bahahaha

They do have an L sound, tho. You might be confusing w Korean, where it is Bibsi Kora ;)


'ل' : is used for pronouncing 'L ' sounds


I have noticed that oftentimes, letters are connected to the following one, but other times they are not? Is there any rule for that?


Yes. You'll learn it as you continue.


Letters have initial, medial, ending, and standalone forms. Sometimes some of the forms are the same, as in و, ر, and others. But typically the letters can take one of 4 forms. Unfortunately, it's just one of those things that you have to learn with time. Think of Arabic as every (most) letter being "cursive" -- the exact way that you write each letter might depend on the previous and the following letter/s.


بیرو وکوریا is wrong بيرو وَكوريا is correct I don't understand


In this course you have learnt that an 'and' is وَ but I read that you theoretically could use just و


I think its from the 'and' (uuwa) you wrote in the second with out the dash on top. Duo has it written throughout with it


Is there a reason why Peru isn't pronounced more like Piiru with this spelling?


Unfortunately, there is no short "e" sound in Arabic. If we were shown vowel markings in this word, it would look more like "Bayruu", which, when said quickly, sounds like "Beru".


Is for example "and Korea" a one word in Arabic?


Yes. The word "and" is connected to the word which follows it. In a country or two, like Lebanon, for instance, "and" is written as a separate word, though.


Korea sounds Kuriiya and written like that ))


I do not see a "p" sound in the arabic alphabet.


The given Arabic word does not match Peru but Beru!


Arabic does not have a letter that represents the "p" sound, so "ب" is used to spell foreign words that are spelled with "p"s.


How can I type "and" in Arabic in keyboard? I can only type و.


Hold down the button beside the space bar

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