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Arabic Alphabet Sections Need More... Clarity?

Thankfully, I am already somewhat familiar with how the abjad works, or otherwise I worry I may have been confused and frustrated going into the new Arabic beta. It's not really clear enough, I don't think, how the vowels are being marked, and the consonants are not given individual of others for the most part. This means there is a guessing factor for quite a while until one can pick up the patterns going on in the script examples.

I'm currently stuck on mobile, so I don't know if the desktop browser has an info page explaining how abjads work or not, but that would be a good inclusion of it hasn't been done yet.

I would just like to see the dependence on the audio reduced as the beta is worked on, give side by side (or more back to back) examples of how each letter changes based on placement in the word and vowel markings, and maybe add more select the Arabic sooner in the course?

Basically, I'm just matching the audio and not paying attention to trying to decipher the script, and I'm not 100% sure I could catch the pattern and realize it's all consonants with vowels marked with diacritics if I wasn't already a bit familiar with the system.

(Super thrilled this course is finally available! I have been waiting years for this!)

June 27, 2019



The short vowels are marked in this course (though not in normal writing), but the long vowels are the letters ا و ي


Only just realized each lesson has an info button. :p Clears up concerns, but would still like to see more individual letters and how they build up within the lessons themselves.

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