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"لَيْسَ عِنْدَك مِعْطَف يا بوب."

Translation:You do not have a coat, Bob.

June 27, 2019



I am lebanese and doulingo doesn't teach you everything correctly in arabic there are some of them wrong


Comment on things and help people


I live in Turkey. I learn Arabic on Duolingo. I wonder if the arabic taught on Duolingo suitable for middle-east region(syria-lebanon-jordon). And what about saudi arabic and egyptian arabic? It is OK for me even if it has 80 percent similar vocabulary and pronunciation with all these. Please answer


Almost every arab will say جكيت


it sounds like pop


You should use Arabic names, what Bob!


It's "mi3Taf" right? But, why the narrator sounded like saying "ma3Taf" instead of "mi3Taf" ?


Jacket and coat are the same ,..... aren't they?? Even the word koot is normally coat


Nope, in most of the languages I've done on Duolingo, they teach you two different words for "jacket" and "coat," and don't let you substitute one for the other. A coat is a kind of jacket that is meant to protect you from the rain. It is made from water-proof material.


A coat is much heavier to protect from the cold. A jacket is lighter weight, especially useful in the spring and fall. A raincoat is specifically meant for the rain.


So what is a raincoat?


No, in English the distinction is length - a jacket comes to the waist or hips, a coat is longer, whether a raincoat, overcoat, peacoat, greatcoat. A waterproof jacket is very useful.


Interesting. In the US, a coat can be to the waist or hips if it is sufficiently insulated to keep the wearer warm in the winter. We also have longer coats, but they don't have to be long. I'll have to remember that.


hey I am lebanese and I wanted to see if doulingo teaches right so I clicked on arabic and not everything is correct


Wow , i'm Arabic but i can't finish this :( It teaches you things in the right and very accurate way.


It's good that Bob has so many scarves, they will keep him warm without a coat.

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