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  5. "كَراج كَبير وَبارِد"

"كَراج كَبير وَبارِد"

Translation:a big and cold garage

June 27, 2019



The European sound /g/ is transcribed differently in different Arab countries. In Egypt, we'd spell the word جراچ, because Standard Arabic /dʒ/ is pronounced /g/ in Egypt. In the Gulf, we'd use ق, so we'd spell it قراج, because Arabic /q/ is pronounced /g/ in the Gulf. In the Levant, we'd spell it غراج, in Morocco, ڭراج, and in Tunisia, ڨراج.


Shouldn't the adjective "kabeer", which is the closest to the noun stay the same in the English translation. That is, shouldn't it be "a cold and big garage" rather than "a big and cold garage"??


Yes, you're right. Although "A big, cold garage" sounds better in English. What's more, even the Arabic would sound better if it said "كراج بارد وكبير."


Ah, I see. Thanks for the reply!!


I thought exactly the same thing!


I feel like "a big cold garage" should be correct. Putting "and" sounds strange in English.


When you do adjectives in arabic don't you always put the wa between each adjective, so when you translate to English you put the adjectives as we go in English.


I think it depends on whether the adjectives "intersect" or not. Like how in Spanish, if you say "un amigo viejo" ("an old friend"), the person you're describing happens to be both a friend and an old person, but the oldness doesn't describe the friendship itself, he could be a new friend. But if you say "un viejo amigo," you mean a friend whose friendship has lasted for a long time. Likewise, if you think the bigness and the coldness of the garage are somehow related, that the fact that it is big is the reason that it is cold or vice verse, you wouldn't use the و, but if it simply happens to be both cold and big, but could become small, and the coldness wouldn't be affected, or hot, and the bigness wouldn't be affected, you would. Hope this helps! ;)


It is the same in Persian (farsi)


السلام عليكم


Why put "and" there? Sounds weird


Is it intended behaviour that the "normal" speech includes the -un endings, but the "tortoise" slow speech omits them?


Wait, could some explain me.... Why the word garage sounds "karajum" and no "karage" and "barid" sound "beridum"


I put a cold and generous garage


I don't know arabi


Some of them come as wrong

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