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"Carrie does not live in the mountains, unfortunately."

Translation:كَري لا تَسْكُن في ٱلْجَبَل لِلْأَسَف.

June 27, 2019



Formal Arabic has VSO word order. "Lā taskunu Carrie" should be accepted. If the verb were conjugated in the plural or dual it would have to be SVO, but since the verb is singular, VSO is correct syntax.


That's right. لا تَسْكُن كَري should be accepted .


Yes. Please report it as "my answer should have been accepted", as it's still marked wrong (Sept 2020).


Yes the verb ought to be at the beginning of the sentence is this case so my rrponse was correct


So, لا تسكن كري في الجبل للأسف, is wrong?? LOL Where did you learn Arabic you genius!!?


Isn't mountains جبال not جبل?


Yes it is, but in this case, they are talking about Carrie living in the mountains in general. They aren't talking about any specific mountains. In such a situation, Arabic would use the singular where English would use the plural. In the case of a city, both languages would use the singular. Every language has its idiomatic usages :-)


How on earth لا تسكن كرى فى الجبل للاسف is marked as wrong!! الجملة الفعلية should be the right format.


I don’t understand the differences between اسكن، يسكن، تسكن and when te ending -ين is added to those verbs


اسكن = I live or I will live يسكن = He lives or He will live تسكن = You (for male) live and also She lives تسكنين = You (for female) live

Verbs are conjugated in Arabic in a way that they change in each pronoun (like Hebrew in fact).


The verb comes before the subject in arabic

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