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  5. "ريجا وَداكار"

"ريجا وَداكار"

Translation:Riga and Dakar

June 27, 2019



Interesting that they adopt the 'g' of Riga as 'j'. I guess it works for Egyptian Arabic?


The standard pronunciation of ج is G like "stranGe" or J like "Bonjour" in French. In Egyptian Arabic, ج is pronounced like G in "Great", but this is considered non-standard pronunciation. You can quickly tell that someone is from Egypt by hearing them say that sound.


Yeah, and a professional Arabic teacher told me that she often has students who have had previously had Egyptian teachers and taught them that the hard G (like "go") was OK to say, which it obviously is in Egypt, but these were students trying to learn MSA, so she then has to train them out of it because it doesn't exist in MSA.


Riga is actually pronounced in Arabic exactly as it is in its country: Riiga (g in go). And That is very true. It is common to hear Arabic learners making a accents.mess of their Arabic pronunciation through no fault of their own other than their teacher being an Egyptian with a very strong Egyptian language. It's akin to hearing English spoken with a thick French or Indian English.


I am sorry, what MSA mean ? I am new in Arabic. And more thing, how to type Arab letter in google keyboard, what i have to choose, Arab Egypt, Arab Saudi or Arab Syria? I had use the Arab Egypt but I can't find letter ba


Interesting! Definitely gonna keep that in mind.


I see you everywhere in these comments


A slightly aside Duo comment/ suggestion (yes, I've suggested it elsewhere and often, without apparent action): if they didn't combine "wa" with what is generally the only right answer, but kept it separate, we'd actually learn to read and choose the right words instead of looking for "w" at the beginning. I tend to do that when I'm tired and I just want to get through things quickly. It's not helping me actually learn, however.


Here long vowel alif is used, so it should be daakaar?


No, the city is spelled Dakar in English no matter how it is spelled in Arabic.


It's Dakar but not dacar


Im sorry i did not understand the comments due to my poor English. Can someone tell me why Riga there is pronounced like in 'Go' when that Arabic letter was for a letter like 'stanGe'???? I am so confused..


So how do we write Riga in non-Egyptian Arabic?


Really some time i press the wrong button


Tidak ada huruf G dalam bahasa Arab, kalau Persia memang ada. Itu Huruf Ja, bukan Ga.


Ngomong apa sih nying

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