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  5. "عِنْد سيث تَنّورة جَديدة."

"عِنْد سيث تَنّورة جَديدة."

Translation:Seth has a new skirt.

June 27, 2019



Seth bought his girlfriend a new skirt, how nice of him.


Or he's Scottish. ;)


That's a "Kilt", ya wee bam :) Completely different


I bet he looks pretty in this new skirt.


I think he has a new skirt for his fall collection and he is showing it at fashion week Cairo; everyone is talking about it.


May be it means seth an ancient god of Egypt ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Why the word تنورة is written with a tashdid on the nun (as if the pronunciation should be "tannura") but then is pronounced "taninura"?


You're correct. It is "Tannoura". What you hear here is either a glitch or an obvious mispronunciation by the voice of Duolingo.


I also wonder if the way تَنّورة is pronounced here is correct. I'd always heard it in 3 syllables: tannura, not taninura.


Wow! Did you take on all the courses at once?


Hahaha. I asked that question of someone else who had an enormous number of languages on the go, and sh/e obligingly told me that s/he doesn't work on all of them every day. I imagine that's true of all these would-be polyglots.


My question too


I have this question too. I would like an expert to clarify pronunciation of تنورة


سيث إِسْكُتْلَنْدِيّ!!!


Very progressive


Hold up...let me make some popcorn


تَنّورة The voice says taninuura but shouldn't it sound like tannuura?


You're correct. It is "Tannoura". What you hear here is either a glitch or an obvious mispronunciation by the voice of Duolingo.



here we go


Just for making clear... i am gay and i don't wear skirts.... and i know a lot of gays who do the same. What a simple thinking of some commentators that gay men wear skirts.


who says the guy is gay?


Ha ha ha ha. Here we go again. Seth with his skirt, and Carrie and Judy's marriage. This is brilliant.


Seth is exploring his feminine side


I'm so pleased we've now moved on to "I have a...." "You have a ....." I love this course but tbh I was getting fed up of..... Carrie is a fast translator. Is your wife a professor......etc etc


Social engineering here is so subtle.


social engineering lol


so the structure of affirmative sentences is :

1) verb - 2) subject - 3) adjective referring to subject - 4) object - 5) adjective referring to object - 6) vocative particle - 7) person we are talking to .

  • (6) and (7) can be in the beginning too and have to be together.


Why is "Seth has" "عند سيث". Shouldn't it be "سيث عندهُ"?


I'm happy for him he's got a new skirt, because over the previous lessons he seemed to have lost his old one.


well guys "seth" can have a skirt for his girl.. so its normal


Is this more just to show that the gender of the adjective follows the gender of the noun it describes than the person who owns it? 'Cause it looks that way.


Seth iskutlandii :D


Why does duolingo always use irrelevant sentences? Seth is not a common name in the english world, so i may think it is a girl's name.


Seth is, like, the name of an Egyptian god AND of some Scots. Both sometimes wearing skirts. I reckon there are few more relevant examples than this one.

And also, some other Seth's might wear skirts, and that's all right.


Did it have to be Seth? Of course, one can always find certain circumstances where such a sentence would make sense but can't they just use more common instances?


why though? aren't the surprising sentences easier to remember? I still "eat bread and cry on the floor/spiser brød og gråter på gulvet" after Norwegian course.


Yea, Norwegian had these great sentences too, like "Det står en mann med kniv bak gardinen. / A man with a knife is standing behind the curtain." or "Det kommer en hånd opp av toalettet. / A hand is coming up out of the toilet.". Cross-dressing fits in nicely, I would say :)


Haha, høres skremmende ut/sounds scary! Norwegian horror language course :D


Wow! The Arabic course is no patch on that!


I guess it's different for different people. For me, surprising sentences just make it more complicated and challenging


Spanish had a similar sentence with a guy having a new skirt. That got the same reaction out of a lot of people.


I still remember that one :)


I agree with you both: 1) this is a good, memorable sentences, so long as 2) Duolingo isn't trying to remake the Arab-speaking world in our own progressive image.


Okay but Arabs made this class. Maybe let them be better judges of the progressism of their world, right? and how much this class should refect that.


Fair enough. It is a gift horse too.


Although we are not Arabs, it is quite common for Muslims (and others) in many parts of the Asian subcontinent (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh) to wear a type of skirt called 'dhoti'.


This course loves to give us those types of sentences. I am still waiting a Deus vult vs الله أكبر example


Yeah, you scandalize when someone with an arab name is Scottish but an arab using skirt is ok. Something is not ok with your logic.


oh man common , so many language course you are on.. what are you upto?


I hope Seth is Scottish.


Duo,why didnt you mention before hand that your app is about freedom,now i wont hide the fact that i got married to a sheep,and how do you say in arabic we want to adopt a baby,or a sheep. What youre doing here is taking away the focus from learning the language to students confronting opinions,and turning the course to a gay-lesbian promotion. Arabic is already a hard language,and with your homo sentences youre making it even more difficult.


Seth is a masculine name. HE would not have a skirt.


common judy.... he can have for his girl,,,


Ridiculous. Stop the ultra ultra progressive agenda.


Reactionary much? Dude, don't get yer panties in a knot! You're seeing an agenda where I'm pretty sure there's only a bit of fun.


When those college students mocked and taunted the Native American elders on the Lincoln Memorial steps in Washington, they did it in the name of "fun", yet it was heinous.

Here is the full story: https://www.vox.com/2019/1/19/18189668/white-students-maga-gear-harass-native-elders

To force a way of thinking on others who do not live that lifestyle is heinous. And to claim that it is with the intention of reducing oppression is hypocrisy.


Furthermore, to down vote a post with such a strong truth as this means that you have no true sense of dignity and integrity. Neither do you care about "all of life" including those lives that are different from yours. The Native Americans went through so much. Show some respect.


There's nothing wrong with a man having a skirt. Even if you insist that skirts are only for women (not exactly a great view to be holding IMO), perhaps he has just bought the skirt as a present for his wife, and is currently in possession of it. In this case, this is a perfectly reasonable sentence to say.


Since any sentence goes on duolingo, why cant we have one like "Seth is a f a gg ot"?


Duolingo doesn't promote heinous behaviour, perhaps?


How about "the dog and roach tastes great" or "the baby human was tasty". Why not? Because it is offensive to others and illegal in some places. Some places it's not illegal but you won't find that on Duo Lingo either way.


That is not a convincing argument to the reason why these two examples are not to be found in courses on Duolingo, though. Also I fear most people will find your implicit comparison of men wearing skirts or loving other men, with baby or cockroach eating offensive.


Im sure some will find it that way. Im also equally sure that some will agree with it as well. That's the point, it doesn't make one more right than another. So when one starts aggressively imposing their way on another who is not part of that, under the pretenses that they are fighting to not be imposed upon, I call it hypocrisy. It goes larger than just a language forum.


Yet here you are the one trying to impose your own worldview on others telling us " this is wrong and you shouldn't do that cause I don't like it". This sentence is just an example out of the 'ordinary' to try and make us think about the grammatical rules. Some men wear clothes that look like skirts or dresses in a lot of countries, including Muslim or Arab ones. And Duo isn't 'imposing ' anything here or trying to tell you ' go buy a skirt cause I told you so'. Breath, and let be.


Well, my son was doing Dutch (for fun, 'cause we are Dutch), and got the sentence "where shall we hide the bodies", and in Norse he got "show me your daughters bedroom". So.....

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