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  5. People on here are fast.


People on here are fast.

According to the link given, there are 12 golden owls in Arabic already!


June 27, 2019



There were a few posts of people who speak Arabic trying it out to see how this is like, so some may have took the test and skipped through a bunch of this and finished early. Also, some comments were all in Arabic, so they may have finished early too.


I agree, in my line of flags you see the flags for the Dutch & English courses. I've got owls for both of them. Just tested & tested out until i got those nice owls.(with flags, ja!) Made it in under a week & unlike this short beta course, the Dutch one is a bit longer.

As a Dutchy this was not because i needed to learn those languages, but i wanted to see what the course was like so i'd better be able to help other learners with their questions. The English to Dutch course is really good & funny. (^.^)


I suspect I will never finish, but why worry about it. They likely know the language they may be contributors


yeah they are, do you think hacks?

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